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I Am Going Back to College

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Well I am [u]considering [/u]grad school.

I was a first generation college student, so the thought of grad school stresses me out. I think about all the things that I had to learn for myself that if I had a little guidance, could have been avoided.
I feel like going to grad school will put me right back in that same boat, feeling like 'what do I need to do'馃槬

I don't even know all that is required as I am [b]just beginning to consider grad school [b]
26-30, F
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Aug 13, 2019
Sicarium41-45, M
It's stressful at first, but that's more expectation than reality to be honest.
Lostpoet31-35, M
I'm glad you are furthering you education. I hope you the best. 馃檶
blankpage51-55, M
What do you want to study?
iamnikki26-30, F
[@949301,blankpage] I'm not gonna respond only because people love to belittle people if they aren't going to school for STEM. The economy would not work if everyone was in STEM
blankpage51-55, M
That鈥檚 cool! You are correct, forcing people into fields they don鈥檛 like or enjoy is a waste of time and money.

Follow your bliss![@467302,iamnikki]
Kindheartedguy41-45, M
I think the requirements were different for me because I鈥檓 old.

Pretty much everyone wanted me and was willing to forego requirements.

Take a look at the positions you want. If a lot of people have advanced degrees.... I say go for it.
samueltyler270-79, M
My sister and I were first generation college and graduate school graduates. Some cousins hated us because their parents always said, look at those Tyler kids!

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I Am Going Back to College
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