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I Am Anorexic

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I Am Anorexic
Some days I find It hard to not think about my weight everytime I eat I can't stop thinking about it. I don't really mind not eating because I feel so much better when I don't. I still do try to eat a good amount. I run cross coutry an...
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18-21, F
+ 5 3 replies 20 views Apr 29, 2017 |
I Am Anorexic
Honesty.... Age 11, sitting with your grandparents. And your grandmother comments, "You're getting big" The words, scarred me . Remind me every single day. 11 years old, 5'4 and 120 ibs. Not perfectly thin,...
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22-25, F
+ 0 0 replies 2 views Jan 24, 2013 |
I Am Anorexic
I Broke..... i woke up starving and i had to eat.. i feel awful i hate myself ive done everything i can to become perfect this beautiful skinny person but its never enough i loose weight and more and more i still want to loose ...
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22-25, F
+ 0 19 replies 0 views Oct 18, 2012 |
I Am Anorexic
Anybody Out There?... feeling hungry.. this is not good i really need someone to talk to someone who knows what it feels like anybody out there?
22-25, F
+ 0 3 replies 0 views Oct 17, 2012 |
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I Am Anorexic
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