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I may get a lot of flack for this!

I am used to getting flack. I been here since 2013 except it was EP then. The people who tried to shoot me out of the sky have long gone and I am still here.
About me first. I am Blodyn. I am a girl. I do not have a boyfriend but would love to have one. I think that means I am straight.
I have friends who are gay. They are friends. Please do not read any thing into that. Friends I speak to lots. Friends I would do anything for and they would for me. Friends.
With me so far? Well there are three types of men who contact me here in SW. Men who want to know what knickers I am wearing. Mostly middle aged. May already have a wife or partner.
Secondly, younger men who know to just be friends. And many older men are like that. Maybe happy with their partners.
Thirdly gay men. My best friend on this site is gay. We have talked for years. Not one hint of sexual attraction. We chatter away as friends. He is my oldest friend. But he feels unwelcome on this site. I don't know what makes people gay but I am prepared to accept that there is a gender spectrum and that not everyone fits neatly into the slots of being girl or boy.
It seems to me that many people just reject people for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender because they are different. Not because they have thought about why this may be. And why are transgender people listed with LGB anyway. What's it got to do with it.
Before I wax too lyrical, just accept people for who they are. Please. If you can't, please do a bit of research before you reject people for their gender, their colour, their age or for any other way they are different to you.
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Sophiesmiles · 18-21, F
I’m bisexual and honestly it’s never been an issue - here or the real world. It annoys me that people do get hassle - why should anyone else have an opinion on your sexual preferences- I just don’t get it
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] Thank you for replying. I don't think in the real world it bothers people that much but is this the real world?
Sophiesmiles · 18-21, F
I don’t think you can ever take anything said online too seriously. Having said that if it becomes harassment you just block and move on. [@1012,Blodyn]
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] I know. I have been sad to block some. Boys, nice boys, who restricted my freedom.
LilSapphieGirl · 26-30, F
Transgender people are under the LGBTQIA+ because of the fact that they face a lot of the same problems that the LGB folks do. Oppression from those around them, ridicule by "friends" and "family", risk of job loss... It's a whole pile of nonsense that they have to go through, plus transitioning.
While you aren't directly a member of the LGBTQIA+, at least you're an ally. That alone is enough to garner respect.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@1081432,LilSapphieGirl] Thank you. It just makes me so sad. Many boys transgender to girls because they were sexually abused by men and can't be that gender. As far as I am concerned they are welcome to be female. But not just say "I identify as female." To really be female.
None of us know the reasons why people are as they are so let's accept them.
Why do people reject anyone who is different. Why cannot they see that we are very much the same. And chat on sw about our differences over a cup of coffee?
LilSapphieGirl · 26-30, F
[@1012,Blodyn] A lot of people are just intolerant. I see it all the time. It's quite saddening.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@1081432,LilSapphieGirl] It so is. It upsets me greatly.
Budwick · 70-79, M
Blodyn - so, I confused over what you are asking.

I see you would like a boyfriend and not having luck here on SW.
And, I see you have a gay freind here that is not accepted by everyone.

I'd give up finding a boyfriend here on SW. Boyfriends and girlfriends I think are more like in person interactions. I know I'm way older than you, but even with the age gap, I feel comfortable in advising for an in person boyfriend.

For your gay friend - and all people in fact I'm with Dr. King; judge people for the content of their character - period.

Best of luck.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@1012,Blodyn] No, I didn't bother.
And, I wished you good luck the first time.
When you brushed me off,
I found I didn't really care enough to dig any further.

Best of luck.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@841775,Budwick] Says it all. We write but you don't read so get off our backs.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@1012,Blodyn] [quote]Says it all[/quote]

And in just a few lines!
See ya!
DrWatson · 61-69, M
I don't think you should catch any flak for this post.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@338282,DrWatson] I already did!
GhostPoncho · 51-55, M
I won’t read this.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@903658,BelovedTed] Why. Tell me please.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
wow you were really young when you were on EP
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
[@1012,Blodyn] what’s your first language? You are doing fine. You can string words together, that’s better than most.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@10165,Iamonfire666] My real language is Welsh. We don't learn English until Year 3. I'm ok at it now. My comments on ep were well I was just learning then. I still have help in college when the lectures are in English. But mostly I'm ok.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
Learnt to speak English on EP!
DawsonsGrove · 51-55, F
I don't care what anyone's sexual preference or identity or race or religion or ethnicity. I love and accept everyone except for assh@les
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@506684,DawsonsGrove] I have not seen the list of people who are ash and living with les so I don't know.
Totally agree with that opinion,society in general has become far to quick to place labels on people be it due to race,colour,creed,sexuality..I personally have no respect nor sympathy for people who point their fingers when their hands are dirty regardless of their position or status,We are not commodities and don’t require labels,we are human beings and deserve respect
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@376801,LUVELACE] We each one is a living being. I will not kill a fly because God made it.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
There can be way too much judgment in life. I wish people can break out of their little boxes.
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@339269,JimboSaturn] I so wish so too. Thank you.
kodiac · 18-21, M
My opinion for what it's worth ,I'm not gay so i can't say i have the same experience here but from what I've seen it isn't an issue on sw, there probably as many lgbtq people here as there are straights. I don't see anyone being harrased over sexuality but that could be because i have most of the bigots and racists blocked. I have Lots of lgbtq friends here but their sexuality has nothing to do with being friends..
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@665475,kodiac] This site is full of very intolerant people. I am Welsh speaking. But if I say so, many people will be interested but just as many will give me abuse. Just because my language is not English. I am different. Most people don't accept different. The thousands of people escaping bad treatment in Africa or the middle East are not welcome when they risked their lives crossing the sea. Why? Who owns the land? Who owns the sea? Who owns the air? Let's give everyone a chance.
Btw, I am returning to my home galaxy now. I enjoyed meeting you all but I miss Andromeda.
[@1012,Blodyn] Be safe and be well. 🖤
Blodyn · 18-21, FVIP
[@589276,Entwistle] I don't know those words but diolch yn fawr i chi.

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