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Is Cliff Richard gay?
There has been rumours about him for many years.
51-55, M
+ 1 11 replies 30 views Oct 21, 2019 |
Anonymouslyyours86 · 31-35, F
You can’t follow rumours they aren’t always honest
Peppa · F
Why is it anyone's business other than his own?
I don't think he was capable of admitting that even to himself... He's certainly different from other straight men
pride49 · 26-30, M
Post a sexy picture and ill tell ya
Dragon56 · 61-69, M
It isn’t always easy to tell, and I don’t know him well enough to be certain.
In my life, I’ve met a number of eccentric/effeminate men who were in fact straight.
I’ve also met a number of masculine/conventional men who were in fact gay or bi (as I am).
He has said that he is not gay, but has acknowledged that even if he was married with children there would still be rumors that he was....he knows that he’s eccentric.
Ian123 · 56-60, M
He has had girlfriends in the past but nothing recently. Does it matter?
Fairydust · 46-50, F
Yeah I think he is but he’s a Christian, I’ve said for years lol, I’m normally right 🤣 he lives with a male priest as well.

He also stated he thinks gay marriage is ok, if he is a strong Christian, the bible says Man should not lie down with another man. 🧐🤔 or something along those lines, don’t read it lol 😆
Fairydust · 46-50, F
Do you think he is? [@1003495,Andy69]
Andy69 · 51-55, M
[@1042,Fleabag] No, not really, I think we might have found out about that by now if he was.
Fairydust · 46-50, F
People hide things though [@1003495,Andy69]

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