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I Believe In Acceptance

I don't know why people do this to each other. They judge other the most trival things, appearance, weight, skin colour, material possessions, wealth... All these very surface things and I see it saddens and pressures people and makes them feel unworthy and makes this life just feel horrible. it's saddening and tiring living in a world like this
Yeah. These are some of the things I worry about so much. It does make me self conscious and I can do little about much of it. But it means many people wont accept me either. But then I try to think do I really want that kind of person in my life. But then my brain is like, "But Im lonely." And then I'm like, "Not that lonely>:(" You have actually helped me in that regard:)
@JammieDodgerHeart Yeah. I def get it from other people. Because if it was left to me I would be okay. Maybe still have low self esteem but okay in general. With people I tend to think too much about how they are seeing me. And that isn't healthy. As a doctor I heard once said, most people are too absorbed in their own lives to pay me any attention. And that helped.
JammieDodgerHeart · 26-30, F
@canusernamebemyusername This is what I mean though, there's nothing wrong with you :( but people are taught go judge or idealize a certain look or way of being. That's some thing I hope will change :(
@JammieDodgerHeart Well you don't judge me at all. And that is all I need is just for one person not to judge me:3 You make me feel safe and perfect as I am:3
Fernie · F
because humans are warped. A BIG evolutionary screwup
Yes, it really is. That’s why finding people who are [b]not[/b] like that is such a rare gift. 😊
Fernie · F
@bijouxbroussard and they DO exist

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