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Been feeling really down

I feel like I anouy people. But am not trying to I just say dumb stuff before I think
Dont worry if youre really 15 like your profile says you wont havta see any of those kids when you go to college
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
Well to be fair, I wanted to say that I don't you or your situation but it may not be you, it could be the other person's insecurities too. You always got to take that into account. Sometimes other people can make it seem like it's you but sometimes it's just the way the other person takes things. Not your fault and can't please everyone.

Also, I get the same thing. Sometimes you just can't care, life is short. I'm 36, when you get to a certain age you look back on things and wish you hadn't care, like trust me 100%.
You're not responsible for what other people feel or think, Gracie. Just have fun and don't worry. 😊
th3r0n · 41-45, M
Everyone says dumb stuff at some point, it's not like there's something wrong with you; honestly the whole world has gotten harder and more painful lately for everyone and people are a lot more harsh with each other and less patient; if you ever read Revelation in the bible it's literally how it's written there
gobphus · 80-89, MVIP
I have a platter that says, “Never let your ability to annoy exceed your value as entertainment.” In all areas of life, maintaining the proper balance is key. First, be yourself without apology. Second, pay close attention to other people. Good luck in meeting others with whom you connect deeply.
Who doesn't, don't feel down.
Thespis · M
I know that feeling. I'm aware it's mostly in my head and just part of anxiety. Still it can be a challenge. I think you're profile, and posts are interesting, interactive, and most anyone wouldn't find you annoying on here one bit!
Well that makes you like anyone else, don't feel bad, life doesn't come with a manual, so mistakes will be made. Don't feel down.
Jessichaos · 26-30, F
Don't take it too personal, sometimes life just gets in the way. I am awful about keeping relationships nurtured.
I call it foot in mouth disease. Lol But what kind of dumb stuff you mean for example?
EagleV · 51-55, M
Hey honey don't beat yourself up Over it. Everyone does at 1 time or another 😉
I'm sure you are doing well, don't stress, just have fun.
How are you doing now? Hope you are feeling better. Be happy.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
Sorry you are feeling down, hope you feel better soon
Hotelroom38 · 51-55, M
Dont worry, this applies to 99% of the people on the planet :)
that happens. we all run our mouths sometmimes ;)
Waterfall52 · 46-50, M
Dont worry about annoying anyone. Be yourself
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
I didn’t find that comment particularly annoying.
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Engage brain before mouth ;)
Strongtea · 22-25, M
I’m sure you don’t annoy people. 😜
Dadbod52 · 56-60, M
We all say and do dumb stuff.
Wol62 · 51-55, M
I bet they love having you around.
QuietEd2019 · 31-35, M
I am sure you don’t 😊
bikelover · 51-55, M
We all do that at times 😊
Love to chat to you
I have that problem
Just be yourself
HotPizza71 · 51-55, M
We all say dumb things at times..just find people you're comfy around to he yourself with
This message was deleted by its author.
This message was deleted by its author.
Strongtea · 22-25, M
Gosh you’re absolutely horrid.@kittie
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