I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
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Is anyone else having trouble getting their social life back?

I have waited so long for quarantine to be over just so I could get back to my life, catch up with friends, go back to the gym. But now that it is I have such bad social anxiety I can't interact for more than like an hour without getting super emotionally detached and tired.... which is just so much fun to be around I'm sure.

Like I saw my friend three days ago and I was planning on staying at her house all night and drinking wine, but I left after three hours because like I just couldn't hold a conversation, I was getting sleepy and feeling really self-conscious. Part of it was that I gained weight, but so did she so it's not like I needed to be really embarrassed. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like I'm high-functioning agoraphobic.
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PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
This is way too relatable...
rainguy · 41-45, M
I've thrived in this lockdown, covid restriction loss of a year. A hermit is what I've become and Shrek had the right idea
WickedChild · 22-25, F
[@593738,rainguy] I'll have to admit there were a lot of parts I liked better than I'm comfortable with lol. I think that's my problem right now
rainguy · 41-45, M
[@1200082,WickedChild] I understand completely
yeah, I could see that being a problem. perhaps a bonus to not have really had much of one before.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
Yes, but to be fair, I didn't have a very exciting one to begin with
WickedChild · 22-25, F
[@467302,iamnikki] I can relate to that more than I'm comfortable with lol
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@1200082,WickedChild] feels like starting from scratch.
kaybeeembarrassed · 26-30, F
Great story!!
BluntSm0ker · 26-30, M
Im just here cause ur hawt.....
Trustyles · 26-30, M
Whats a social life?
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
I think this will be common; as much as one hopes otherwise, being isolated and conditioned to keep distanced are mindsets that will take a while to change.
WickedChild · 22-25, F
[@325552,DownTheStreet] Thats true. A lot of people just don't believe they can be conditioned I guess
No ,it's been getting better ...slowly but it's something
Allelse · 31-35, M
Nah, I prefer my own company most of the time anyway.
Allelse · 31-35, M
[@1200082,WickedChild] I do go out and make friends once in a while, but, more often than not I cant make a proper connection there.
WickedChild · 22-25, F
[@415694,Allelse] I feel like for me I'm just so not emotionally invested anymore that it's hard to even find the motivation to talk to people.
Allelse · 31-35, M
[@1200082,WickedChild] I met someone the other day, just simply by grinning at her, and we met in the park to muck around. And I just came away feeling empty inside. Not her fault, not my fault. Hard to make friends when you're a grown up.
nefelibata · 46-50, F
Aw, so this is a thing?
Locally they've been holding events so people can "get used to going outside and be around people".
I've always been a home body so I thought it didn't make sense, people have been chomping at the bit to do just that.
Apparently, you're not alone.
It does make sense.
I hope it wears off for you soon, I can only suggest baby steps.
Majorsite · 61-69, M
This scamdemic was a joke, I didn't change much of anything, Except I had to wear a mask at work. By the way, With the release of the Fauci e-mails, He should probably be going to jail !
Leggs · 46-50, F
[@1136273,Majorsite] well however it came out, society over hyped it.
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
Yup and 200 scientists working alongside with fauci and Francis Collins (his boss) all signed a statement saying this was true [@1136273,Majorsite]
Gwyneira · F
I didn't really have much of a social life before quarantine. So for me, nothing has changed.
WickedChild · 22-25, F
[@362624,Gwyneira] I get the appeal now tbh. It's comfortable to spend my time alone. I just feel like I'm guilting myself for not having a social life.
Gwyneira · F
I can understand that.
I've never liked being out and about in crowds. Once in a while...which may be once or twice a year, I'll get together for my friends daughters birthday or cookout. Other than that, I like being alone, walking my dogs, reading, etc.
HatterM · 46-50, M
Social life? Ah yeah, I remember what that was supposed to be!

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I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
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