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Thinking about obtaining a liscense to become a bartender. Is it worthwhile?

i have a friend who bartends and sometimes makes 400 to 500 dollars in tips in one might be worthwhile if you want to work your butt off.
violentred · 26-30, M
@beermeplease That sounds pretty great money wise
@violentred yes it is. but if i could give you a piece of advice from all the conversations we had about his job, that if you do decide to become one start out at a smaller, less busy place to get some experience. if you started out at a fast paced place you'd be lost and wouldn't want to do it anymore...good luck and cheers
violentred · 26-30, M
@beermeplease Makes sense I'd probably drown and be miserable. I used to wait tables at a bar so I have some knowledge.
You can only use it for this one job that is just borderline a step above being a waiter and it is a job that involves cleaning and mopping.

I think instead you should spend the time on a skill that isn't as dead end as this.

Eventually all these skills you gain should stack up as you are on a career track so that you are able to tell people that you know the hands on and theoretical of whatever.

But bartending? Bartending is just where that skill ends, unless you plan on owning a restaurant someday.
NativePortlander · 51-55
@orioninthenight Back in the day when I knew them it was, when the average 3 bed 2 bath home only cost $95,000, or a 2 bed 1 bath townhouse apartment was only $385 a month.
violentred · 26-30, M
@NativePortlander I live in new york I think i could make that here
NativePortlander · 51-55
@violentred Easy, in the right bar you could.
NativePortlander · 51-55
Las Vegas has a lot of two week basic mixologist schools, as they call it, I think the cost is $500 if you don't have a casino/bar sponsor.
Yes. Yes it is.
Become a great bartender and you will wish you had done it earlier in life.
violentred · 26-30, M
@nonsensiclesnail I'm 27 I got time
Iwillwait · M
Peeps can make good money doing that.
violentred · 26-30, M
@Iwillwait That's what I hear and I can be inventive.
sugarpie · 26-30, F
Go for it if you really like it!
MonaMoona · 36-40, F
Yes it is I don’t think bare tenders are like the movies though but it’s an ok job, I think
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violentred · 26-30, M
@NoahTheWeebWolf How did you like it?
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violentred · 26-30, M
@NoahTheWeebWolf I bet you have great stories to tell about those days. I'm tough but I'm small they'd never let me bounce

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