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Oh no. It's fine. I scream and fall down on a regular basis. 馃槖

At work where I'm in building. Alone. Usually. Power goes out. Twice. I'm getting a little nervous. Decide not to take elevator of course. Take the stairs. Come out of the stairwell and guy taps my shoulder. 馃槺馃槱
I scream and and fall on my ass
Yeah. I gots all the social graces.

They could of gave me a heads up about doing some kind mechanical testing tonight on stuff
WTF !! They should always inform everyone in the building when running tests like that. You could have been on the toilet when the lights went out !!
@Teslin I'm assuming he thought no one would be working. Which. Actually makes no sense cuz..everyone knows I work evenings. Only one
@Becks048 Just common sense to make sn announcement over the building intercom. You never know, someone may come back to the building because they forget something.
As you mentioned, they know your schedule !!!
@Teslin you are a smart man

He wasn't 馃槕
Icedsky46-50, M
And at least you didnt kick his ass. Karate chop. Pepper spray. Ninja spinning roundhouse kick! Testicle punt
Icedsky46-50, M
@Becks048 Well glad you're ok.
@Becks048 was he cute?
@Fungirlmmm i have no clue lol didn't even register in my brain.

Dammit. I really was startled
Good thing they didn鈥檛 walk in on you while you were busy
@Becks048 could have been awkward 馃槓
@Quoththeraven be very awkward 馃槼
Coldplay56-60, M
You work in a building alone?
@Coldplay after somewhere between 5 to 6 pm i do
Coldplay56-60, M
@Becks048 that would be a little nerve-racking
@Coldplay i actually usually love it

Just not when power suddenly cuts outs for no reason lol
ineedadrink51-55, M
That wasn't all the nice of him to do that.
@ineedadrink well. To his defense i had my earbuds on. He might of said something and I didn't hear him
You ok, other than losing 18 mos. of life?
@SomeMichGuy I'm good 馃檭
Spumoni46-50, M
@Spumoni eeek! 馃槺
@TexChik 馃槱 i know
alltherightquestions31-35, M
did you tell any of your bosses about it?
Stereoguy56-60, M
I hope you are okay.
@Stereoguy I'm fine
This message was deleted.
@RuyLopez No you Pervy perv! 馃槃馃ぃ
RuyLopez56-60, M
@Becks048 Hey, you don鈥檛 know me!?! Ok..ok鈥 gots some super soaker Huggies in the car. Just in case of emergencies.
@RuyLopez see?! See! I do know you

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