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Can you relate?

I very much appreciate being able to earn a living. However, there are times I just don't want to be there.

I don't work within a particularly inspiring work culture and honestly, it drains the life out of me.

Having to commute 3 hours and then spend 8 in silence among people I wish I'd never met is oddly spiritually exhausting.

*I've applied for another job; (my last offer was rescinded due to some arbitrary HR policy) and am awaiting the verdict. I just needed to get this off of my chest.
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Docdon23 · 51-55, M
8 hours of silence? what do you do??
Docdon23 · 51-55, M
[@843795,AnonymouslyYours] Yes, I get that too and agree. I think a lot of people are searching for more meaning in their lives and finding shallow answers...of course, this whole quarantine world has added more stress and isolation
Docdon23 · 51-55, M
[@843795,AnonymouslyYours] I do worry about the social and psychological impact our new world is and will have on everyone. I realize you say you are an introvert, but even introverts need some human contact, and zoom and skype just are not enough...I also worry about kids now...and their isolation...
It is concerning. Although I adore solitude, I think it's completely natural to want to have a rapport with people we spend so much time with, even more than our families. I can't imagine how extroverts are coping...[@8568,Docdon23]
Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Brutal, I hope you get the new job. Would there be less commute?
Much less. 30 minutes at the most.[@1999,Dolimyte]
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
Aww yes, I can totally relate. My job has been tiresome for a long time. The work itself used to be a rush, exciting, challenging and always varied and I used to be able to make a difference to people's lives. I loved it but it didn't stay that way - changes in how it's run meant that now I have no real say and then some horrible stuff happened.. and it became a living torture.

Things are a bit better at the moment but it's still something I mostly dread and sigh a lot about.

I hope you can escape from there soon
Are you trying to get out as well?[@7167,Adaydreambeliever]
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
[@843795,AnonymouslyYours] Yes and no... I am trying to build a whole new career where I will be self-employed so this means I have to stay there while that happens.. I have applied for sme jobs but my main aim it to build a business of my own.
I stayed there this long as I was retraining at the same time
Budwick · 70-79, M
6 hours driving every day? [3 there - 3 home]
I never would have taken the job.
That's a deal breaker for me.

I'm spoiled though. It takes about 15 minutes for me to get to work. And most of it through a National Forest - and it's gorgeous every day.
Oh, no, just 1.5 hr to and fro, which isn't exactly much better but not quite as bad.

It originally was a 15 minute commute.

Then I moved for the job that ultimately got rescinded before I completed all orientation tasks.

(Thankfully, I hadn't quit this one... as I was just about to.)[@841775,Budwick]
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@843795,AnonymouslyYours] Ugh. Best of luck.Not a good time for job hunting.
ImplodingVoices · 41-45, F
That is a soil sucking life. I’m sorry you are in that position. I hope you find your way out of it. Some place with colleges you want to s as no can talk to, relays to, work with.
ImplodingVoices · 41-45, F
[@864112,ImplodingVoices] lol soil. Maybe that too, but I meant soul. I guess iPhones find soil to be the proper term there.
SW User
Use senzu beans.
Okay, it's official. I must watch DragonBall Z, since it is apparently all the rage, lol.[@1182547,johndoe1994]
SW User
You must... lol watch all episodes [@843795,AnonymouslyYours]
Dewkissedrose · 41-45, F
3 hour commute to a job you hate? That's so very terrible. I do hope you are able to find a better job soon!
I can totally relate. I’ve had to commute to jobs I couldn’t stand because I needed the money. Not quite 3 hours, though. Is that overall, or (gulp) each way ? 😳
Overall. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer. The next prospect is promising.[@328496,bijouxbroussard]
I feel the same way about work. The last job I had the work culture was terrible. And my coworkers were cruel and mean every fucking day. But I was a single mom at the time who had to work and pay rent and feed her kid. But it just destroyed me. Even just applying for jobs puts me into a state of panic and leaves me crying.
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
Commuting for 3 hours sounds really stressful. I thought a half an hour each way was bad
LeaDhelani · 18-21, F
[@557074,PerthSurfer] Yeah that would definetely stress me out..3 hours? better be worth it. The petrol alone if you're driving
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
[@1178602,LeaDhelani] Yeah imagine working 8 hours plus 3 hours travel too? Lots of stress if it was city driving. I can't wait until they have driverless cars... just get and say take me to work, then sit in the back seat and text 🤣
LeaDhelani · 18-21, F
[@557074,PerthSurfer] How cool is that? And no accidents i bet..
Till I find another nearby, the one in hand is working fine.

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