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Do you think I went overboard?

This is kind of long. So to start I work in a warehouse setting with my cousin (Jake), cousin’s girlfriend (Sarah), and his girlfriend’s best friend (Jessica) which I have fake names for them. A couple months ago Jake and I had a fallout in our friendship. I called off a week after my 90 day probation and I texted Jake that I called off. We have two supervisors ( Sam and Lisa) that are just awful. Lisa is the worst of the two. Jake thought it would be funny to text me a realistic prank saying that Sam came up to him and said that Lisa was firing me for calling off and that Sam was trying to convince Lisa to keep me. He pushed this narrative very hard and ended up admitting it was a joke a few texts later. I told him the next day that I was going to seek retaliation and he said in a smug tone “Don’t be so dramatic” which pissed me off so I walked away. Now for context Sarah is from the Philippines and is married to another guy she lives with while seeing my cousin. Jessica is her best friend that so happens to be a major gossip. Jake already told me a long time ago that Sarah is married, but I wasn’t suppose to know this. Also Jake and Sarah have nicknames for a lot our co-workers. Jessica also knows that Sarah is married, but doesn’t know that I know. I waited for an opportunity until Jake and Sarah went on a week and a half long vacation and Jessica and I worked together. I spilled the beans to Jessica about me knowing Sarah is married, their nicknames, also about Jake still talking to his ex-girlfriend that wanted to get back with him, and that he is a mama’s boy which apparently Sarah doesn’t like mama’s boys. Jessica went and told Sarah what I told her as planned. Long story short Jake says he doesn’t trust me anymore and isn’t talking to me anymore. Did I overreact even though it was his fault and that I had no intent of telling his secrets until he decided to pull that stupid prank?

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