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Job interview: Is this the same over there ?

whenever a company shows interest in hiring me, I typically go through a process that includes a minimum of three interviews, along with a test or a case study to assess my qualifications for the job.

Although it’s long, frustrating, annoying, I have no choice but go through that when I’m looking for a new job.

I thought it was the norm everywhere but I had a conversation with someone from the US who mentioned that they always went through just one job interview. it's worth noting that this person is not involved in the marketing or business field. She is/was a teacher. She told me she was very surprised about the process here.

What do you think ?
In the US what happens is that the lower the job the harder they vet you with 5 interviews and all kinds of bullshit.

Then as you get to middle manager real job level it gets to where you can have just one interview and then hire.

Later when you interview for executive positions they go right back to have 5 interviews and all kinds of bullshit.
Strawbsy · 26-30, F
@orioninthenight in most cases, two interviews is enough. Some companies really drag things
iamBen · M
In the USA most employment is at will. Which means that either employee or employer can terminate the job any time without reason. It doesn't often play out that way, but it does mean that employment here use much easier to change. Two weeks notice for leaving a position is common. Terminating a job without cause been happen any time. I'm aware of countries in Europe where it's normal to give 3 months notice before leaving a position. For example. Terminations tend to be rare. The vetting process in places where changing employees/employers is more challenging tend to be much more thorough.
It's HR gone mad (Human Resources, or perhaps Human Remains)

Way back , you applied for a job, sat down opposite the guy (or gal) who would be your boss. You would chat. Then, often, you were told then and there whether you had the job or not.

Now its all gone mad. HR - jobs for the boys/girls. I applied for a job shelf filling at a supermarket. There was a panel of them, firing questions at me. Making notes. Bullshit.
Strawbsy · 26-30, F
@SW-User It comes from a place of mistrust and lack of will to train employees. They want effective, reliable, loyal employees right off the bat. Doesn’t work like that in my opinion
deadgerbil · 22-25
It depends. For a grocery store job I had, it was one interview.

And for when I applied to a police department, there were multiple interviews, polygraph, psych evaluation, background check interview etc scattered throughout the whole process which typically takes 6 to 9 months
Strawbsy · 26-30, F
@deadgerbil Glad they takes things seriously ! Do you think the process has become harder over the years ?
RedBaron · M
I think that if you want a particular job, you go through the required process. What happens in other fields or other places doesn’t matter.
HannahSky · F
Really depends on the field you're in and position

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