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I Have Macromastia

I try not to dig myself into an emotional hole, but this morning was one of the hard ones. I woke up extra sweaty, just felt really slimy and smelly and disgusting. And my veins were really extra prominent for some reason when I woke up, so I was just totally repulsed by the sight of myself just then too. Times like that I don't really pity myself so much as pity my husband for having to wake up beside all of that. But there he was giving me a neck rub for the crick I also woke up with. He's so good to me and sometimes I think he deserves so much better than all the trouble I am. I try so hard not to think like that but sometimes it happens anyway.

But you end up having to get on with adulting anyway, so that's what I did. Choke back all those feelings and keep on. I wish they didn't feel so bitter in the pit my stomach after choking them back.
AndieBarrons9919 · 22-25, F
My dad is like that. He took such good care of my mom.
ExceptionallyDull · 51-55, M
Hubby loves "you", not "you, but not certain parts of you". You've got a good man. And practicing adulting can, actually, help bring you along emotionally sometimes.
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Much love ... breathe deep.
wuiop2 · 41-45
LookingForIt987 · 51-55, M
Your husband sounds like a keeper, for sure. (That said, we're so often our own worst enemies when it comes to self-critique.)

I hope in the almost 1 year since this post, you've had significantly more good days than bad! 💗
Gods. That really is something. I could just not get passed all that so and not have it affect me — which is why I'm probably still single.
wuiop2 · 41-45
Your husband is a lucky man. (smiles warmly)
AceWarbringer · 36-40, M
A big hug to you!
passion · 56-60, M
Hello! Love to chat!
RPFeeder · 36-40, M
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
Keep your chin up

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