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I Want To Talk To A Girl With Macromastia

I always feel funny with these.
Why? Talking to someone with macro or giganto mastia is like talking to anyone else.
When the conversation starts out over macro/giganto mastia - where do you take it next ?
Good news I do not mind emailing (as many women have boyfriends or husbands)
Bad news is its me. Mostly science. A tad technical. Love Science fiction but not sports, the Kardashians and prefer "Jeopardy" over "Entertainment Tonight"
(smiles) That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
it is in fact like talking to anyone else. it shouldn't really be taken anywhere else unless the person has given some indication of an interest in other topics, as even talking about this issue to begin with makes one feel "guarded" as i'm sure you're aware. There are many people who are predatory and mostly looking to have sexual conversations with someone who merely wanted to answer or speak about something that is just "normal" or no big deal to them. it makes it off putting, and scares us away from speaking to others in the future once people start doing that.

it's a thing to be "delicate" about at the very least i'd say.. if they're even interested in speaking to begin with. Cheers
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@DancingStarGoddess I totally agree. Conversations have gone three ways.
1) Talking about MM/GM issues: no reason why, feeling like a "lab rat" as most doctors have not seen this, clothing, mobility, coping skills like having a pool, etc. but then no where else. We had nothing in common. which sucked in a couple of cases cause we had said so much and opened up.
2) Talking about MM/GM and then getting completely off topic. Monty Python movies are great.
3) Starting the conversation but not connecting.

I understand the "Is he smiling or leering" question. Someone else pointed out how guys who like large breasts marry women with small ones. Guys who do not like large breasts marry women with them. Not sure where the info came from but it made me think. The guys a woman could talk to would come here - along with the monsters.

Sorry there is no "litmus test" to see who is who other than the feeling you get from the first few conversations. Why? We are all a work in progress. We are all growing, changing.

Even if I am not a monster, I may not be for you. We might never hit it off. *But* that does not mean I do not understand or have something valuable to say.

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