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I Macromastia Gigantomastia

This looks more like a SW creation than a person's story.
Thankfully there may be only one story of Petamastia (mega, giga, peta for the Latin challenged)
However never doubt breasts pinning a person to the bed. They can not get up or out. Imagine "My 600 pound life" of a 200 pound woman with 400 pound breasts. It is the stuff nightmares are made of.
To this lets review Dianne Odell. Put in an iron lung at age three, she spent her whole life lying down. Alone. In an iron lung that ran constantly. She had to use a mirror above her head to watch TV. No dancing, no swimming, no driving, no going to the movies.

This story is useful. Not only did Dianne Odell write books and have fun. People cared about her. No one thought less of her. She should remind all of us what has not gone wrong. How good we have it. Ohh yea there are problems. Things do not work out. Pain, tears, fears, etc. Life is not fair.

When you walk across the room on your own two feet, be glad for what you have.

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Guidence · 46-50, M
@MicroChick (smiles) Kind of. My story is one of kindred spirit. The greatness thrust upon me was extra IQ or high IQ. Not as socially desirable as extra breasts but impossible to hide. [more on that later]

After emailing a few people on the old EP, I felt similar isolation. Like everyone knew what made me different but I did not know other people's story.

Growing up I dealt with things most folks do not. That everyone *wants* brains only for what they could do with it in one or two situations. Not on a daily basis.

Honestly, "mega tits" are one of the nicer looking medical conditions.

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