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I Really Want To Understand Macromastia

Okay, so here is a short primer:

"macro" = big or large; "mastia" = the two soft rounded organs on each side of the chest, hence, in street parlance: "big breasts"

macromastia (MM) is a disorder of the endocrine system; generally defined as a woman's abnormal reaction to estrogen and prolactin hormones.

MM is also known as breast hypertrophy or gigantomastia (GM). These terms are employed with a lack of precision--some assert that GM is a more extreme version of MM, but there is no unanimity in medical circles on the precision of the terms.

MM is different than "having curves," or "being busty." It is an actual disorder in which the size of the breasts often interfere with a female's everyday life.

When MM occurs around the onset of puberty, it is called juvenile MM; when it occurs during pregnancy, it is called gestational MM.

MM can also affect one breast (unilateral) or both breasts (bilateral).

MM can cause physical discomfort: back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, neck aches, soreness in the chest area, spontaneous lactation.

MM can cause mental distress: lack of self-confidence, social ostracizing, isolation, depression.

Although large breasts are fetishized in our modern culture, the MM female is often embarrassed and even ashamed of how she looks.

There is no "cure" for MM. It can reoccur without warning in sudden "spurts." Breast reduction surgery provides relief for some MM females, although, in a true MM female, the breasts may regrow even after surgery.

The only final, definitive way to stop MM is to have a complete mastectomy--removal of all breast tissue.

Now you understand macromastia.

You're Welcome. ☺
AbbyVents · F
Gosh, where to begin. First and foremost I can see that VeeCee whom I have so much personal respect for has certainly continued to share openly and completely and I dare say is reminiscent in this and another recent post of an Abby vent. lols. I would add Gestational Macromastia to the above list. Gestational Macromastia can manifest at any stage during pregnancy but percentage wise is more common the third trimester or after nursing begins.

In most cases macromastia is not curable without invasive surgery removing all tissue however in Gestational Macromastia and limited incidents of VBH, hormone therapy has proved effective. Macromastia has so many roots that there are over 200 sub classes. Imagine a puzzle that changes every time you add or remove a piece. It's still a closeted topic and there are very few specialists within the US.

All that being said, one can research MM and find many text book explanations. Understanding that this has such a deep lasting personal, physical, psychological and emotional impact on the individual is more important in interpersonal relationships and communication then trying to understand the origins of the manifestation.

To conclude, above all things if you want to engage with others on the topic first and foremost be nice and respectful. We are all persons on this planet. Whatever transpires from your communication is what transpires. Often your initial approach determines the response.

veeceekay1991 · 31-35, F
@AbbyVents Amen and thanks!
doodlebug2013 · 41-45, F
@AbbyVents Thank you! How to say that is so hard. I guess I can add yes, I get that having this is really different and obvious so I get it's normal to be curious about it and that's ok. But same time it's something that has caused a lot of distress and includes a lot of really personal stuff and I really don't like feeling on display. I mean I don't like feeling like I'm being mean but when I'm just trying to go through my day putting off questions for later is a good idea. And don't ever be creepy about it and understand I might not want to talk about everything even when the timing's good. So tread lightly!
Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
I get tired of seeing people objectify these women.
@Fungirlmmm I hate the slang
loomer · 46-50, M
@wilderflower what slang?
Bryguy5446 · 41-45, M
Is there a genetic predisposition for MM?
MrFrog · M
Thanks. Very interesting,
So many unanswered questions. Medical science needs to up their game.
veeceekay1991 · 31-35, F
I agree with you, but I doubt if it will.
MrFrog · M
All it takes is funding.
But I doubt MM/GM is glamorous enough to obtain that funding.
Guidence · 46-50, M
(smiles) So now I am educated. Wow there is so much more.
Some have back pain, others do not. Haters post "You have back pain, stop lying"
Also breast can continue to grow in spurts. Predicting how one will look or how long clothes will last is hard.
Some wonder "how difficult is my life because of this v.s. how difficult is life in general" Or worse - "everyone has it easier"
Just some thoghts. @VeeCeekay1991 It is a good primer.
No - the women with this condition did nothing wrong to piss off mother nature. It is not their fault. No guilt. Feel special.
AceWarbringer · 36-40, M
I wish people would stop thinking about the chest. It's probably the last part that actually means anything.

If a woman has large breasts, it probably the least important part of her.

Now, I am a macro-maisiophile. But if you can't hold a conversation, constantly belittle or berate me, or in general are just unpleasant. I am not going to talk to you for long.

@veeceekay1991 this is a good primer for the uniformed. I like it! Hope you continue to educate the ignorant masses. Lol.
☺My, this is quite a surprise! I happened on your profile by chance. I'm a male with severe gynecomastia (That means very large male breasts, for those of you who don't know). It is an endocrine disorder, and it was not my choice! I have and do experience many of the Signs/symptoms that women do. I'm not here to stare at your chest.I'm here to make new friends, it gets lonely out here in the woods. I'll have to start writing about Gynecomastia. I'm a retired RN, it should be no problem for me.
MrFrog · M
Thanks for the education.
For someone like me who has been an admirer of women with ‘larger than above average sized boobs’ I never appreciated the pain, stress and stigma that some may go through. I’ve never seen a woman who has this (dare I say it) condition in real life before so, It’s time I obtained a more well rounded view of this matter.
I hope all who have MM/GM doesn’t let it affect your lives to the point of not living your lives to the fullest.
Bryguy5446 · 41-45, M
I have a question for you?
Bryguy5446 · 41-45, M
That's awesome. I have to assume that you are way past the end of the alphabet as far as your cup size goes?
veeceekay1991 · 31-35, F
@Bryguy5446 Since my bras are custom made, I don't really pay much attention to regular sizing. My fitter takes her measurements and does her thing.
Bryguy5446 · 41-45, M
That makes sense. Can you tell leading up to a growth spurt prior to it happening?
Danny2591 · 31-35, M
@veeceekay1991 So, MM is not really treatable, huh? Can you find out MM in an early stadium already?
Danny2591 · 31-35, M
@veeceekay Well, how long are you dealing with it already?

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