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Is it irrational to want a complete masectomy + immediate reconstruction withoutbhaving breast cancer?

I had 7 (now 5) benign breast tumors. I got two removed last thursday because they bothered me. Breast cancer runs in my family and im scared I'll be dignosed with eventually and just want to get it over with now. That and I want to workout without losing breast fat. (Insecurity)
Penny · 46-50, F
thats scary. sorry you have to go through that, but vanity isnt a good reason to risk the complications that could occur imo. having all those tumors could warrant it though in the name of prevention. though it does sound kind of extreme. id see what your doctor says.
Benign. You said they are benign. If so, I think that they ate benign masses, not tumors (I think these latter are malign/malignant).

You should consult oncologists in this area about

• the type(s) of breast cancer which your family has had,
• are your many benign masses at a young age consistent with any form of breast cancer (including the kind(s) which your family has had)?,
• would genetic testing help to answer your fears?

Concern makes sense. Overreacting does not. This is a weighty decision. Consider it well, soberly.
Its not irrational if breast cancer runs in your family .. its a preventative measure.. i didn't know her but when i was a kid i heard some lady in church died from breast cancer.. so.. its a serious thing .. so if losing yours makes you live longer then its worth it
lipstickguy · 61-69, M
idk it sounds scary as hell
Human1000 · M
No, very rational. They may want to wait till you are a little older.

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