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I Love the Sims 2

Sometimes when I'm watching TV, and I see a nice house, like on a commercial or movie, tv show etc, I can see my sims living in it.
Sometimes I actually pause the tv, take a picture, and build them the house.

Also, when I hear or see a fun/funny name, I add it to my list of sim names...yes, I have a list of sim names lol

I thought I'd eventually grow out of this time-waster of a game but I guess not

Am I pathetic or what?馃ぃ
You鈥檙e awesome lmaoooo

My favorite sims is the first original, it鈥檚 extremely basic. And it does feel like a waste of time, investing in the life of our sims rather than our own. 馃樄 But I suppose it serves good practice.

We鈥檝e lived many lives. 馃ゴ
iamnikki31-35, F
@LithiumDrop lol. I'd give this BA if I could. I feel the same way. 'Look how productive my sim is, and how unproductive I am' lol.
Axelerator26-30, M
That's great, i've never done that myself with taking the pic. But Sims is like a guilty pleasure for me. I'll install it every few years, play it and have so much fun for a bit, and then give it a break again lol
iamnikki31-35, F
@Axelerator Same here. I was done playing until I found out I could get sims 2 UC for free from EA games...back at it. I'm a little bored with it though. I just like creating sims, decorating and having big parties lol
Frost56-60, M
I'll never forget when my first Sim died because I didn't know what I was doing.
iamnikki31-35, F
@Frost I remember one time I got up to get something to eat, and I let the game play. I came back and all my sims were dead and most of my house burned down. I had played so long without saving that I didn't even want to try again
Frost56-60, M
I've had that happen. It hated it when they would be trying to cook something and set themselves on fire.
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