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I Play League Of Legends

please carry me to challenger and gift me skins :3333
I'm so bad at it T_T
馃槓 did he legends and hop
on the VALORANT band wagon
@SW-User 馃槂 I like the attitude! Who knows maybe you鈥檒l do great!
@MrFreeeeeze HMPH! exactlyyyyy even though I'm the worst at aiming. Let's pray Valorant treats me better than league did XDDD
@SW-User honestly that games got some really skilled players already. I played during beta but even then that wasn鈥檛 enough to skill up my aim like csgo 馃ズ
Pseudonym26-30, M
I love the game. I just use the mute button a lot. 馃槄
@Pseudonym LMAOOOOOO XDDDD so relatable. so many toxic tilted people
That game sucks
@Nanori 馃槺 gasp
ok fine
it kinda does XDDDDD
too much toxic people
takes way too much time
worst client ever takes forever for riot to fix the bugs and stuff. XDDD
@SW-User yeah it was because of all that, that I quit lol
I played it for 6 years....

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