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I Love Kingdom Hearts

Yaay! Fellow Kingdom Hearts fans馃榿
I'm no pro, I'm honestly confused about some parts of the story so far. Lol
What part are you confused about? :P
Alicethesaddest22-25, F
@SW-User The whole Terra/Xehanort thing. Like, is Ansem and Xemnas the heartless and nobody of Terra and Xehanort? And since we defeated both, does that mean Terra and Xehanort will come back? What about organization XIII? Weren't they a bunch of Xehanorts? I dunno I think I need a diagram lmao
@Alicethesaddest From what I understood, Ansem is Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas was Xehanort's Nobody. Terra shouldn't have any connection to Ansem or Xemnas. And so, I don't think defeating Ansem and Xemnas has really made much of an impact on Terra or Xehanort, themselves. But now that you mention it, the idea of there having been a bunch of Xehanorts sound somewhat familiar, but I can't say for sure :|

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