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I Am a Gamer

Began with sega master system 2.
Converted to PSX, PS2 then went on to xbox, xbox 360 now PS4.
Also do a lil pc gaming.

Love rpg, racing, fps, fantasy, horror.

Enjoy, COD, BF, DOOM, TES, FO, far cry, GTA, N4S, Assassins creed.

retro classics from my childhood, alex the kid, wonderboy, roadrash, shinobi, gouls n ghosts, sonic, california games.
BearDownChicago · 41-45, M
Very nice. Started with .don't laugh...Sega Genesis. Ps2 then ,3. Just switched to an Xbox one x. Love all racing an first person shooter
AquarianPeaceSoldier · 41-45, F
@BearDownChicago choice. My friend had a genesis, I wanted one.
Want to add a Xbox one. Just so I can continue on with a few exclusive titles.
Light weight! Started with Binatone and pong. Roadrash was a favourite.
AquarianPeaceSoldier · 41-45, F
@SW-User road rash was awesome. My friend had an atari. Pong was all I ever played on it.
GeorgeTBH · 31-35, M
nice some good stuff there

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