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Opinions On A Thing

Looking for an opinion on something. My Tuesday group is currently playing Tyranny of Dragons and we just got through Greenest.

We got to the part where you're supposed to send someone out to fight Cyanwrath and I was basically ordered to go out by the party member my character owed a life-debt too and the rest of the party agreed since I stood the best chance at winning.

As someone who has ran this campaign for players in the past, I knew this was basically suicide, but I failed to get any guard to go out before I was chosen to fight him and playing my character as an 'honorable warrior' I was actually OK knowing he was probably going to die. It was just lvl 1 anyway.

Well, before the fight, tge druid poisoned my weapons without asking me if it was OK, and since he failed to stealthily do this, as soon as I survived the first blow from Cyanwrath and managed to actually pull off 12 DMG to him(before the 14 points of poison DMG), Cyanwrath found out that 'I' cheated and told his men to kill the girl he had captive and tge guard who I tried to convince to go save her ran out and died.

Long story short, half-dragon got away, girl and guard died and the Governor now thinks the party is a bunch of dishonorable, reckless, adventurers and(apparently) will not want to ally with the party to help fight Tiamat in the next campaign.

After the session was over, the DM realized he made a mistake and that Cyanwrath can actually crit on a 19 and that I should have died, or been downed, literally without even being able to swing my hammer.

So he's asked the rest of the group if they'd like to retcon the fight and say I got knocked out, the baddies left and the girl was saved so the governor likes us

I'm personally not a fan of this and have stated that I don't think it should be retconned that way, but instead I'm willing to say that since my weapons were tampered with, without my permission, it might be reasonable I could offer to let my character die in her place to 'restore' my honor.

I haven't suggested my alternative yet because I don't feel like causing trouble. But I also don't feel it's exactly fair that the rest of the party can decide what ACTUALLY happens to my character when I was already willing to sacrifice them.

So should I bring it up or just let the party retcon the DMs mistake since I won't be there the 2nd campaign.

My main argument for not wanting to have just been KO'd is that I'm not sure how friendly my PC would be with the party since he's already been knocked out several times to protect the party, only to have them order him to go fight something that's CLEARLY a bigger threat to save a stranger.

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