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Why is this wording on my car insurance? This is in the US

So I pay the 6 month premium, my car insurance runs from Jan to Jun, then from Jun to Dec. So my effective date on the new card that just came in the mail says 6/04/23, then has an expiration date of December.

Below all of that it says, Not valid more than 1 year from effective date. I'm pretty sure I know what this is saying, just wanted to get more input on it for clarity. I'll probably put it in my car behind the current card. That way, when that one expires this one will be in there already.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Probably to keep people from buying insurance for more than a year at a time due to anticipated rate hikes.
twiigss · M
@cherokeepatti Ugh. That sucks. Well my story is like this:

After we moved states, I had Allstate car insurance. Think I was paying something like $40 or so. I moved out from home and was living about half hour away. Well one day I was driving to my parents house. I thought to myself, do I take sunglasses or driving glasses. Dumb choice I took my driving glasses. Long story short the sun was in my eye on a 45mph road and I slammed into the back left corner of a horse and buggy.

The guy in the buggy was a little bruised, horse was okay also. After that accident insurance went up. 2 years later, it was still going up. So at some point I moved back home. One year I started tracking the price of it. It was at $68 and then next year it was $74. So I called Allstate to ask about it.

I said, "Yea curious as to why my insurance rate keeps going up." The guy says, "Well, what's the price of your hamburgers?" I said, "uhhh, do what?" He says, "You go out to eat, right?" I said, "No, not really" His response, "Well, everythings going up in price!!" Like he got all mad. I said, "Oh okay." And hung up.

Then I called State Farm, and got a $30 quote. Went to State Farm, got their insurance, called Allstate from State Farm parking lot. "Yea I want to cancel my insurance" Ohhh well, you need proof of insurance before we can cancel. I said, "I already went to State Farm and got new insurance." They said, "Well we need to make scans" or something. I said "Okay I'll see you in 10 minutes." Drove over to Allstate, gave them the papers, I said, "Okay then have a nice day" And they didn't say a word lmao. It was a great day that day.

This upcoming 6 month premium is only going to cost me $29.13 a month lol. It's so much better than Allstate.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
@twiigss I worked for a used car dealer and he comparison shops every year for himself and his granddaughter on prices and doesn’t hesitate to change companies
twiigss · M
@cherokeepatti Well I had never thought about changing, until I went from $60 to $70. I mean, it was insane. And I was only paying for Limited Tort. That $74 a month I was paying wasn't even for full coverage lol. Now with State Farm, I think Full Coverage is like $100 more a month. But yea, I know people who do that too. They'll constantly be looking for the better deal. But I think I've got a really good deal currently.

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