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I get the sense that my mind is like a rare and valuable work of art that at one time was dashed into a million pieces.

Some imperfect soul tried to piece it all back together with Elmers glue. The facsimile remains, you get the idea, but it will never be correct. I am always getting these flashes of brilliance that are fleeing and fade quickly.
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馃槄 I don't even know what to say, for this is soulful coming from someone I've primarily known as funny.馃
Eh blind squirrel hits a tree every once in a while. 馃槣
馃憣 (silent giggles) Swoon!
@Quoththeraven: *pictures this image and laughs*

One could never tell, from such beautiful, touching words, that moved my heart.
I've seen your work! I take that as a great compliment!!
@Quoththeraven: Oh, wow...thank you! I'm really flattered!
You still around lady grace?@LadyGrace
Awww, you have a wonderful caring soul, I'm glad to have met ya鉂p煂堭煠
I agree Ms. Pea. He is well loved because he's just being himself.
@BruisedLee: Yes, and I so appreciate that from genuine souls.馃挀
You two are the best! 馃檭
Yep that's my brain!
Tonight will be fine, for awhile... Its when I have these memories of a fine memory that creates doubt in me. (Leonard Cohen's words can be played with a little)
goagainsttheflow26-30, F
You should make something out of it. Like get creative or start a business, or travel.
I think we have something in common
@SagePoet of this I'm certain
[c=#7700B2]That was a lovely flash![/c]
This is completely you. I love it. Tell me more. *leans closer, spilling curls* *smiles*
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