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Me and my bff walking down the street minding our own business

She was smoking a cigarette when a guy came up to her and said "I noticed you were smoking... Can we stablish a connection? " cringe....
She said no but the boi was still following us saying "but I crossed the street for you and I won't take no for an answer"
He didn't let go untill she said she has a bf

Few minutes later I was smoking and a boi passed by us and said "fking addict"

man child red flag parade
Juvia18-21, F
I swear some expect to be patted on the back for breathing
Nanori31-35, F
@Juvia I would pat them

With my dick

Inside their ass

馃檪 Left right left right left right
Slade56-60, M
@Nanori it's good to see you got your mojo, and magnificent D, back!馃槇
Juvia18-21, F
@Nanori Some might like that
JRVanguard26-30, M
Men were a mistake馃
hunkalove61-69, M
Did you kick him in the nuts?
Nanori31-35, F
@hunkalove no it's risky, he could be mentally unstable and stab us
DrWatson70-79, M
Wow. All I can say is, you manage to cram a lot of life into a few minutes!
town full of shit-heel bois, ugh
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
Tell him to suck your dick
Jeephikelove46-50, F
What a loser 馃檮
TheGreatLeveler31-35, M
At least the second guy was based 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
I swear people are losing their ability to converse properly in real life.

Yeah we can be self focused online and a little out there - but it doesn't transfer to RL very well.

What an odd response .
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iamonfire69641-45, F
That is so cringe for both men
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Nanori31-35, F
@NoahTheWeebWolf that's the plan

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