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If life allowed you a do over, what would yours be?

How did you make your life more exciting and more lively? How do you make everyday life more exciting? How do you enjoy life instead of just going through it? We wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, watch TV, eat supper, go to bed, repeat. Live for the weekend, then spend those fleeting moments wishing they wouldn't end. It seems like We can't afford to live because we're too busy keeping ourselves alive. So how do you make it through this, knowing today will be the same as every day, week, month, and year that's coming? How do you manage to keep life exciting and interesting?
I’m creeping up on 26, and I find myself missing my college life a lot. I was always busy, mingling with people, doing crazy shit and every day was unpredictable. I know real life is never going to be like that but I’m trying to get at least a little bit of that back into my life.
I work a decent job in consulting which I enjoy but there’s always so much work to do. I’m working by 8 am and I’m logging off by 6 pm. Often I’ll find myself working late at night to get ready for the next day. Between the time I log off and sleep I have to fit exercise, cooking, household work/errands, and with the rest of it, I just want to vegetate. With weekends, I have more time to work on hobbies but it’s not easy to take a trip somewhere or do something spontaneous due to other responsibilities and it feels like those 2 days fly by. Am I just terrible at time management? How do you work a full time job and still manage to keep life fun and interesting? How do I make my life more interesting?
I'm 17 and I love movies, books, basically anything with a fun plot. Problem is, I always feel bad whenever I watch a movie, read a book, or really anything, because it always reminds me how boring my own life is. I don't need a life of adventure or anything, but I fear that when I'm an adult, I will have no good memories about my youth. I never do anything daring, there is never any pervading goal, I don't even have a complete best friend like in buddy movies.
I just watched Dead Poet's Society again and I want to live like that, and "suck the marrow out of life" and whatnot, but I just don't know how.
This might be the wrong place, but how do I fix this? Not into getting stoned, if that matters. How do you live a more interesting life when single/without relying on other people too much?
I got out of a relationship about 6 months ago now, and I feel like I haven’t moved on entirely, but largely due to the fact that my life is just boring now. All the social events and outings were either with her, or her friends group. I moved to the city, where I met her, for work, which is great, but I don’t know anybody here, and now that I’m single and no longer with her, my life has taken a noticeable plunge in terms of just generally being interesting at all.
Going to download Tinder and Bumble soon, hopefully that works, but don’t really want to rely solely on dates. That could end up being mostly just dinner/drinks which is cool, but my question to AskMen is... how do you make life more interesting without relying too heavily on others? Life does not seem fun anymore. It lost its spark. Help?
I have been having a problem for a few years. Starting in mid-college, I started being bored of everything. Bored of going out at the same place with the same friends, bored of listening to family members talk about meaningless things. Bored of the same scenery, activities.
I was sometimes very happy because I did amazing stuff and met wonderful people. I studied abroad more than once, and every time it would be novel and exciting. But now I graduated college, have a job and bored to death. I see people, but nothing interests me. I moved to the next city, but it got worse because I was isolated, and it is not easy to meet interesting people out of college. I changed my job too, and nothing changes. It is fairly interesting, but it does not satisfy me. I still come home, see my roommates, talk about the same inane stuff, eat something, go on the net and go to bed. Repeat. I really dread living the next 50 years or so. I just don't see the point in going on. Life just seems like this long, long line, with nothing exciting awaiting me. Is it only me? Or is it just what awaits everybody after college? I'm looking for a more exciting life, but I don't know how to live life another way.
So... yes. Sadly, I need help. Please, please, please; I want as much advices/help as possible because this is an ultimatum for me. I don't know how long I can live like this, but hell I swear I won't die like I'm now. Well, I'll explain. In no time, I'll be 20, I'm in sophomore year. I worked to pay my college freshman year , but, somehow, my mother managed to get a better job and pays more than her last one, so now I'm able to focus on college, but nothing more. My only entertainment is watching TV, movies or youtube. I have no money to do anything else (like if I've ever had, ha ). So when I'm done with school, I just turn on the stupid TV and that's all I can do to entertain myself. AND I'M BORED!!!!! I hate this!!! Want to know something, no one do anything intetesting in this house!!!! My mother spends all her spare time in facebook or watching TV, my "brother" spends all day playing stupid videogames. They all just sit passively in front of a screen and spend all day sitting down. It's boring!!!!! I want to be alive, this is not life. This is dying. My family is used to this kind of life. Once you're done with your job, go back home, sit down, turn on TV, go to bed and repeat. That is not a life routine, it's a death routine. I've spent almost 20 years of my fucking life living like this and I'm fed up.
I want to change this routine. I want to live a life that can get me excited and get my heart beating harder and harder. But I don't know what to do because I don't know how to live life another way. Please don't tell me "go to parties" because I don't have money to go, and coronavirus keeps them closed. Don't tell me to focus on college, because I hate studying engineering. I study engineering just for the money it cold give me.
I'm genuinely looking for a more exciting life,but I simply don't know how to do it. I'm not used to ask for help, but I really need it with this one. Any help is highly appreciated. Give yourself something new to try every week. Some people try a new apple every week, some people try a new game or something... Me, I try a new wine every week. Just a glass of wine a day is really good for you. I've been trying a new flavor of Stella Rosa wine each week for the passed few weeks. It's REALLY good. Just $10 bucks for a bottle. There's a place down the road from where I work that has a thing called "Wine Wednesdays," where wine is 15% off. Yes, this may come as a surprise. And yes, I know a lot of people who just can't do this. But you asked what I do, and this is what I do. Sure, there are exceptions. Get me started on a topic I'm passionate about? You'll get a rant. Get me taking with my friends? Good luck getting me to shut up. But for the most part, for most of the day, I stay quiet. You never really know how much you miss until you hear it. Keep your ears open. Listen closely. There are SO MANY interesting conversations going on. Learn random facts. Good comebacks. Quotes. Literally anything. It becomes useful, often. Better yet, overhear facts about people. Later, if you actually 'meet' them, enjoy their look of surprise when you say "Oh, hey, Samantha, if you are allergic to that mascara you got on your birthday may I have it? It's my favorite type." or "Hey, Dan. How' your girlfriend? Tell her I hope he feels better from her fever."
Learn About People By Observing
Similar to keeping quiet, don't ask people questions. Try to guess instead. Like you see a person driving a shopping cart with their left hand and holding their child in their right? They're probably left handed. There's a new swimmer on your swim team? Don't ask how much experience they have, watch them in the water and figure it out yourself. It's interesting how much your perception improves.
Be Alone During Most Of Your Free Time
Again, maybe a surprising one. But hear me out. Humans are naturally social creatures. We live and thrive off others and other people's companionship. So when you really spend most of your time, by yourself, it really allows you to have your next meeting with your friends or loved ones more exciting and interesting. You're more likely to be in a good mood, at least from my experience.
Read. A Lot.
So I know a lot of people dislike reading. For me, however, it's fascinating. Even if I absolutely hate the book, I just pretend I like it and keep. On. Reading. Reading just gets me into a good mood. Yes. Any book does that. It opens my mind up to possibilities and gets my creativity flowing. It could be a new article. A picture book. A bestseller. When I say anything, I mean anything.
Creating And Destroying Art
So let's say I'm in the mood for drawing. And by drawing I mean pencil and paper. I sit down, grab a pencil, and stare at the paper for a good thirty minutes. Then I start drawing something for my book, or a picture I like, or a scene. Just something. I spend hours of my day, working, legs getting numb and arms hurting. I finish the drawing, and it never look good. Ever. It always looks incomplete, or way too complex, or not random enough. And the more I look at it, the more I hate it. So I decide to destroy it. And let me tell you. There are very, very little feelings close to the ones you get when you rip that paper once in half, and then again, and again, and again until it's tiny shreds of paper. Your emotions first go Oh no, I think I actually liked that picture. I want it back! That took forever, and I ripped it without a second thought. After that, you suddenly feel more at peace with your decision. Who care about that art? You can make ten more. It's just litter that you can dispose of.
Exercise After Reading Something That Gets You Excited
This one is kind of self explanatory. But yes. Read something that makes you excited. It doesn't have to make you happy, but something that makes you feel content. That's important as well. For me, I have a specific author who's books I always read to get into this mood. I find that fiction/fantasy works best for me, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Then, as soon as I get excited or jumpy or start reading a fight scene I go outside and exercise. Weird? Well...yes. But it's a nice feeling which is hard to explain. Trust me. Go try it. I find that jumping on a trampoline or running laps works best for me. What are little ways to make life fun and interesting again, when each day seems so repetitive and boring? How do you make your life more exciting/fun especially on a budget?
I'm a student at the moment and I feel as though I need to do something...I don't know...different. I'm tired of school and my life right now seems so repetitive. What do some of you do to make it more exciting and fun? These are all pretty good and funny ideas. Mostly going to the park and just getting the hell out of the house. I'm inspired, good advice! This feeling of not doing anything with my youth has been gnawing at me for the past 2 weeks. Things ended with my fuckbuddy, and she told me part of the reason she lost feelings for me was because I got "boring". Ever since she told me that I have felt the need to go out and have fun more so than ever. But my town has nothing to do for people under the age of 21. I also am working a minimum wage job, and going to community college. But I am struggling to be satisfied with how slow that endeavor is going and even when I finished will I be happy with a new job and a nuclear family? I used to sell a little bit of marijuana on the side and that made me feel so alive, on some walter white type shit. But most of my family have been inside the penal system and I know that path isn't too bright. I want to have more friends, more adventures, more fun, more power, more influence and more success, and I feel like by the time I achieve that I won't be young enough to enjoy it. Where as more privelaged kids from affluent familes can afford nice cars, nice vacations, fraternities and nicer universites seem to be having the time of their lives in college. I feel like I'm wasting my life, and my lack of mobility/funds prevent me from my life improving in any way. If someone could offer some advice on how to improve my life so I can not be bored out of my mind constantly it would be greatly appreciated. The boring old 9-5 job is emotionally exhausting. It's so boring. Day in and day out, the same routine. To not even have enough money to do anything on the weekends bc bills are piling high. What do you guys do to make your life more interesting ? At the current moment I'm teaching myself japanese and playing with my dog more:) I'm currently a sophomore in college. As I go further into my major, the whole thing seems to be for superficial reasons. Most in my major don't see lifelong fulfillment, only dollar signs. This combined with the deadlines and the feeling that I'm not living my life as one should makes everything seem so dull and uninteresting. I want to travel, I want to see the world, meet interesting people, do interesting things. I'm not seeing how what I'm doing now will get me there.

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