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The most deadly virus humans are affected by is the time virus, which is a perception deception, and we need an antidote.

When indoctrinated into meaningless calendars like the Gregorian and Julian, wrist watches, 9-5 work days and 5 day work weeks, people follow pre-determined, mathematically calculable, mechanical patterns and tendencies. We like to have a drink after work, we like to have coffee in the morning, we buy flowers on valentines day. Time politics are power politics. Every sundial, water mill, calendar, week cycle, social policy, and temporal monument has served a particular interest and ideology. When we are locked into time, our tendencies can be calculated and exploited by elites. We have been farmed for our life force energy. But those who live on our energy and exist outside the confines of time and wage slavery have all the time and money they need to perform studies, hire psychologists, lobbyists and advertisers to further their gain. Karl Marx wrote in “Das Kapital” that, “To work at a machine, the workman should be taught form childhood in order that he may learn to adapt his own movements to the uniform and unceasing motion of an automaton.' This statement has been implemented into our government and corporate institutions, many of which we serve, serve, serve and as a result, waste the best years of our life and brilliance.
QueenOfQuirk · 22-25, F
i get the point but dude ur depressing like imagine having this mindset when you wake up lmao
DocSavage · M
And he’s 2,000 late
AmadeusInvictus · 31-35, M
[@1204214,DocSavage] No, He's not. Reread what I just wrote above. Your response to what I said was merely that you don't care.

You don't have to care. But don't make false statements and talk about things that you don't know anything about.
DocSavage · M
The second coming has been promised for centuries, and it’s still not here. And never will be.
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
Human drones connected to phones, the most dangerous group ever birthed onto the planet. People who choose to exist in a fake world of convenience, who readily give up their own personal liberty and privacy in exchange for tyranny.

Those who exist rather than live. Existing in electronic prisons and who are gullible enough to believe the Leftist authoritarian technocratic police state can bring them safety and happiness. Lost souls who are as comfortable as frogs in a boiling pot of water.
In a non-technological, agrarian community, no one cares what time it is aside from sunrise, sunset, noon, and maybe a few other approximate ones. The reason so many old stories talk about people meeting at dawn was because that was a convenient marker that nobody would get wrong.

However, it's impossible to run a high-tech, developed society without precise timekeeping. The "control" is not so much some global elite exploiting everyone (since those same elites are bound by the same time constraints as everyone else), but basic requirements for coordinating activities involving large groups of people over great distances.

It's interesting how you accuse the "elites" of wanting to kill off large numbers of people, when the society you envision would have that effect. Pre-technology, there were only half a billion people in the world.
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
Beautifully said. You are indeed a words smith. I enjoyed t his.
Iwillwait · M

DocSavage · M
Iwillwait · M
[@1204214,DocSavage] 8:45!? Cr@p!! I'm late again! 😤

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