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Sometimes my partner is so forgetful.

Awhile ago i wrapped up a gift and handed it to him to place in my car so I could drop it off to a friend right after work. Got to my friends house and it wasn’t in my trunk. Between the time I handed it to him ans his way to the car, he got distracted and put it down. Embarassed with my friend whose family was waiting to see the lovely gift, I had to go allllllll the way home to get it.

Tonight we were expecting my disabled brother to come home late. I asked my guy if he only locked the handle (and not the deadbolt) so he could enter with the only key he has. He said yes. The actual answer is NO - he locked the deadbolt AND the handle before bed. At 1am my brother calls him from the porch to open the door. Then for some reason my partner hung up when it rang, clearly knowing it was him (but not understanding why he called). I knew the problem immediately - he was locked out!

REMsleep · 41-45, F
My husband is the exact same way.
One time we were headed on a road trip out of town and we had to drop my 🐕 off at my mom's house 🏠 on the way out.
I went inside to take in the dog then sat back in the driver's seat and asked hubs to go to the trunk and get the dog's crate and put it on my mom's front porch.
Then we drove 6 hours away to that city and to my surprise when we got there, I had no clothes, no toothpaste because he had also taken my suitcase out of the trunk for no reason and placed it on my mom's porch with the dog's stuff.
This is a defect in paying attention and caring about others.
I'll bet that this carries over into multiple areas of his life and his relationship with you.
It comes from having someone else take care of him so much that he is perpetually aloof.
HouseOfCards · 46-50, F
[@867436,REMsleep] Sometimes I think this yes, but sometimes he’s super helpful too. It’s just that sometimes he does these one shot stupid deals that really make me go “wtf??” Like what were you thinking??
Asificair · M
If I see two paragraphs on a post I usually ignore, for some reason i felt compelled to read and what a snippet of pleasure it was.
Max13 · 26-30, M
Is раrtner different from husbаnd ?
HouseOfCards · 46-50, F
[@1211871,Max13] Great suggestion!!!
Max13 · 26-30, M
[@778935,HouseOfCards] These are two different things , in one your husband forgot , or intentionally did it ?
And in this one he forgot or intentionally did it ? But if they knеw that it was уоur brother out side they could have gone and at least open it .

Either they are not loving nowadays or they are getting too much distracted or forgetful .

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