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Child protection is broken

Why it doesn't really help kids as much as you might think.

I was 11 and I struggled at school because I was bullied and that made me stop going to school. I would instead spend my time in the mall. And the teachers told my father that I wasn't coming to school.

One day when I came home the door was open and I went right though it. And my father had been hiding behind the door and jumped out with his belt and beat me up.

This went on for a long time. Until I would break down at school and cry. After a while the teacher noticed I had bruises. I didn't tell her how I got them and refused to talk about it.

Life went on like normal for a couple days and when I woke up in the morning to go to school I heard the door bell and when I opened the door it was a long line with cops. And it was so many police cars.

They drove me and my siblings to a safe house and said everything was going to be better.

When I moved into my first foster home I believed them , but I would have breakdowns and certain words would activate me and make me behave crazy.

I could not fit in with them. I could not be a normal girl and just move on with my life in this new family. And I often felt like they didn't want me. We argued all the time. After a couple months it got really bad and they removed me and I was send to another institution where I was supposed to wait until they find a new family.

This place had many other kids a couple years older 14- 16 and they used drugs. The people who ran this place didn't care much. We would have overdoses and young children dying in this place. I never took drugs when it was offered.

I made friends with some of the girls and we added each other on social media.

I moved into a new foster home after a couple months in this place.

This new family had new rules. They were different from the first foster family.
In the beginning I thought they had the same rules and they didn't tell me what rules they had so I broke them without knowing and they got mad and we started to argue. It wasn't just their fault. I was a problematic child.

I could not live with them either so I was back to the same institution where children overdosed. And I was still I contact with the girl I meet here the first time but they didn't live there and had gotten their own foster family. And one of them was sexually abused by her new foster dad.

This is how many of these children spend their life. From door to door. And abused and abused. Not that much changes. In my opinion I'm not sure if it even gets better. But in the beginning you believe them . You think that your new life is going to be better. And for some of the children it does but many end up being abused and if they survive the childhood.. they stay use drugs , have no future and become homeless. And you walk past them and think they are homeless because they love drugs so much. And they don't want to work
CPS and foster care are pretty legal child abuse rings from what I have seen.
Which means if you have a parent abusing a child and you call CPS they will just end up abusing the child most of the time as well. Do there really isn't anyone to turn to.
kodiac · M
I spent 14 years on that merry go round .
[@665475,kodiac] I know ‘lil bro. She’s one of us brokens here in the dark. We got sit with her, so she ain’t alone. I already care for her.
kodiac · M
[@605647,DarkHeaven] 🤗
[@665475,kodiac] 🤗
sometimes i think orphanages would be better instead of random foster homes that are sometimes from hell.. but it all depends on who is in charge.. really and its unfortunate that better people dont get involved.. 🤐
ineedadrink · 51-55, M
This is a very good piece of writing. Thank you for allowing us to see.
blackcar · 26-30, M
I'll say a prayer for you. Surely that will help.
Concrete angel. 🖤🤗
[@1229922,Curxuia] ride with me. 😊

[@605647,DarkHeaven] I'm going to take my medicine and knock myself out for a day.
[@1229922,Curxuia] I’m sending you all the light and love that I have. You’re fucking perfect.


Goodnight, sweetheart. Be safe. 🖤

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