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Larry Elder declared Cali recall election stolen before the election!

So, every time a Republican loses (or will lose) the election is stolen?What the fuck is wrong with these people?
The GOP motto........"if ya can't beat 'em...cheat 'em" applies now in EVERY election. If they do fraud. But if they even suspect they might lose the crap about "fraud " and "stolen elections" starts before the first vote is even cast.
[@539720,anythingoes477] Well, not quite. Trumpists pushed fraud even where Trump won, I think because one of Trumpism primary features is destabilizing social and governmental institutions.
[@339454,windinhishair] In the GOP, election cheating is so common...that policy now is to immediately shift the eyes to the public to anyone running against a Republican so you don't see them cheating. While Trump screamed fraud from November to was ONLY him that was trying to cheat the election. He pressured called governors....Attorney Generals....ask them to change the vote counts. He pressured his own VP to not announce the winner. He pressured and threatened the Electors to either give wrong vote counts or not give any at all to Congress in an attempt to stop the election process. Then he incited a coup to overthrow government so he could be named dictator by either stealing the electoral votes from congressional chambers or killing Congressmen to scare Congress into backing down and naming him dictator. In the meantime....and after.....Trump stooges filed 99 separate lawsuits to try to overrule a legal election and invalidate it. And until a month ago trump stooges were still doing recounts in Arizona to try to cheat there. The ONLY cheater in the last presidential election was Rump.
[@479686,MistyCee] cheating elections or giving the public the impression cheating took place...which cheating the process.
It's the ammo box stuff that really bothers me. These folks, like Trump, are all about themselves and if they can't rule, they're inclined to destroy.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
[@479686,MistyCee] Absolutely, read that too. So warped at this point.
This is what they’re going to do every time going forward. And stupid-ass Republican voters eat it up so it’s a winning strategy.
[@1163114,SageTheProblemChild] No it's the strategy of losers.
Kwek00 · 36-40, M

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