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Why I joined the right/trump and why I left :

This did not happen yesterday so I will probably not remember the exact order.

It was 2015. I was watching the news and Germany took in immigrants. They came out of a train and I noticed children and women. I stood up and clapped for Germany.

I was thinking " they have changed" Germany is not the bad guy anymore.

Towards the election in 2016. YouTube recommended a video. It was called something like " Why Hilary Clinton must not win "

I watched it and it was interesting and funny. Short time after YouTube recommended another one very similar and I clicked on it because the first one was so entertaining.

And that was it for a while. The election was about to happen and I thought that it doesn't matter who wins because Hilary Clinton looks crazy from the video I saw and Donald trump looks crazy from other videos I watched about him.

The election happened and trump won. In my mind it didn't matter.

I think it was in 2018 that YouTube recommended a video by vice on the sexual assault in Germany. I clicked on it and what I learned was some of the immigrants that I clapped for and wished welcome had committed these crimes on the German people who were kind enough to let them into their land and shelter from war.

After this my opinion changed. I watched Ben Shapiro and other channels like him and I became so hateful to minorities and lgbt , black people , and even Jews and Ben Shapiro is a Jewish man and I thought he was the only one that was good and all Jews are evil and bad. They are overrunning Europe with immigrants. They want to destroy white countries.

I watched Lauren southern. And I learned about white replacement. The idea that white people are dying out and will be replaced by brown people and muslims because white people have low fertility rate. ( Don't have enough kids to keep stable population)

How I got out :

Someone replied to the white replacement video and I watched it :

This is the video that started to make me normal :


After I watched this I watched another and I started to understand I had been brain washed.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
[quote]...because white people have low fertility rate.[/quote]

No, it's just that white people tend to be more responsible with family planning (don't have kids they can't raise/support).

Everyone else, not so much... they breed like rabbits, have families they can't or won't support (and depend on welfare programs instead); and many of the kids grow up with absent parents without the benefit of a stable household or being taught morality & discipline and turn to crime...

It's why the countries these immigrants are fleeing from are plagued by starvation and disease, more population than they can support; and why China & Japan implemented laws on how many children a couple can have.

While I'm sure I'll get flamed for saying so, but in many ways, pandemics/outbreaks are natures way of curbing explosive population growth when society fails to do so...
That's good that you rejected bigoted white nationalist views, but you can't shape your worldview entirely from videos. That's the problem with the internet and the "deluge of information". It's designed to create "rabbit holes" that people go down and become wholly convinced of the dogma being peddled. A degree of critical thinking is necessary to analyze what you're viewing and evaluate it for its persuasiveness and integrity. You can find a YouTube video to support any argument imaginable, but they are not all of the same quality and not all rooted in fact to the same degree.
[@1163114,SageTheProblemChild] I was younger and I didn't really have that much critical thinking back then.
[@1229922,Curxuia] Well it sounds like you're in a better position now and that's what's important.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
I'm not buying this. I think you made all of this up in some sort of attempt to fool people into believing you have some credibility on this subject.

The video you provided was not some sort of amazing eye opening experience, it merely cautioned people to think things through, don't just rely on one source of info, and be aware things change. It engages in the same snarky, misdirected hyperbole that all propaganda does.
[@622788,SumKindaMunster] so you are one of the crazy one's. Now that I know. I won't reply to u. I'm not overdramatic. These people died. And they kill with lies.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] Cool, not interested in speaking to some fraud who makes shit up. 👋
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
where's the video that helped get you outta the alt-right? also, for all the horrendous shit the alt-right believes, i'm kinda surprised they peddled antisemitism to you. like obv all racism is bad, but that's like old school, hardcore nazi stuff.

edit: nvm i see the video now
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] I'm glad you turned around, comrade. What are your political views today?
[@4199,BlueVeins] I like Bernie Sanders. I watched him defend gay people years back in time before it was something you did to get good boi points. And I did more research and I learned he has been consistent his whole career. Now I'm upset he isn't respected by the right. Often called crazy socialist and stuff like that . He is one of the people who wants to help and America isn't worthy to have him. I think highly of him. Im sometimes worried he will have secret that will be exposed and break my heart.
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] he's a big sweetum, i don't think he'll ever let us down 💗
So where are you now on the political spectrum?
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] I love Bernie Sanders now. I will not change my mind on him.
[@1229922,Curxuia] Okay well thanks for sharing.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
Welcome back!
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
At least you reevaluated your position.
Good job. 👍
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] Scary isn't it?
[@421865,Kwek00] I think most people never get out. When I see my old me in them I feel grateful for being free.
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] Nut sure how free you are today. But I'm just glad you snapped out of this delusional state of mind. Don't know what the current one is. Just hope you changed your media diet, getting your information from youtube, facebook, ... etc. It's not really a good place if you want to keep at least a little grip on what is really happening.
Wiseacre · F
So, what are u saying?
Sum this up in one sentence, or ask a q.
[@426791,Wiseacre] I cant
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
[@1229922,Curxuia] You say what you want how you want. If somebody doesn't want to read it, that's their choice.
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] thanks for saying that. I don't know how to explain it with one sentence.
justanothername · 51-55, M
You need to stop watching YouTube.
[@539784,justanothername] I need to be more careful with what I believe in.
justanothername · 51-55, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] that too.
Glassysky · 22-25, M
Was in a similar position once

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