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I kinda feel like I'd like some spirituality in my life

I kinda envy some people who have their beliefs. I saw so much hypocricy in the people who claimed to live by certain values when I was younger and it put me off the idea of it as I just saw it as a guise for their own faults. I sort of believe in something but it doesn't have a particular name or concept.

I think maybe the biggest part of religion for me is the part about being grateful on a daily basis and actively being a good person, not thinking you're one, actually doing things and living what you believe to be right. I sort of do that already but I'd like to do it in a more organised way, have some rituals and such. I like that about the muslim faith the most.
There is a big difference between spiritual and religious. Religious is more concerned with adherence to laws and dogma. Often leaving no room for a gray area in interpretation or deviance without severe punishment.
Spiritually is more cause and amorphic. It is more concerned with the feelings, morality and diversity of paths to get to the same goal. It's very mix and match but is not as black and white.
Even though I'm atheist I could say I have a spiritual side as well. Mine is not supernatural or magical, but I do believe in the values of humanism, doing the most hood for the least harm, improving the world for all creatures not just humans. I like a lot of the iconography, art and decorations of different faiths as well. I don't need any belief in the supernatural to do any of that.
Buddhism is the biggest non theist faith. It is spiritual but doesn't believe in the supernatural. So that might be a starting point to look into to fill that need. Or just find whatever works. As long as your faith is making you and the world better it is doing its job. Just don't follow those beliefs that destroy quality of life and the lives of others.
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