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Dear corporatists. Temp jobs are not oppertunity.

You can't truthfully say your policies are reducing poverty and unemployment when they are all meager Payed, no benefits, no advancement temp jobs.. That's not opportunity, that's modern day slavery .
strongbow · 46-50, M
Ive seen temps get great paying fulltime jobs at the company they are temping, it happens all the time
MethDozer · M
@strongbow You don't know what the word liberal actually means, stop using it..
strongbow · 46-50, M
@MethDozer [quote]go Fuck yourself became you're an idiot supporting corporate slavery.[/quote]

Just cant help yourself can you?. LOL... no bother in discussing any of your "points" when you sound like this woman looks
MethDozer · M
@strongbow Yeah, yeah. Y'all been over using that broad for a decade now. Creativity and wit was never a strong suit of those stuck in the past.

Fact, most Americans are stuck in working temp jobs for years and temp work is the only job market showing any signs of real growth. Sure is making America great again innit? But hey, what's decent pay, benefits and upward mobility anyway but socialism, right?
Eternity · 22-25, M
I did temp work for a time after i left college and I agree. That shit is pretty bad.

Has nothing on conditions in 3rd world countries mind you, but as far as a society that prides itself on equality goes, temp work is pretty abysmal.
MethDozer · M
@Eternity It has its place in a limited capacity. Seasonal jobs that are available for people to earn a few extra duckets or to give a kid some work experience on a businesses project that only needs a few extra hands for a few months.

However when temp work is the number one job market growing in the a developed country and large operations are employing "temp workers" for years and years . Fucking slavery, not job creation and opportunity .
Coppercoil · M
I am now coining the term.. economic slavocracy.
GERRI · 51-55, F
all jobs are "temporary"---- for any not worth their pay....

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