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Anyone know how to circumvent the admin when installing a game on PC

So, my husband left me one of his laptops while he is out of town so that my son could use mine for school and I'd still have a laptop to use. Unfortunately, there is a pin on it for the admin which my husband says I don't need. But I can't use the laptop for anything that involves gaming because I can't install any games. This means I can't play with my son now that school is out, or get the auto-update to quit interrupting everything I'm doing with messages that I need to finish installing the downloaded updates.

Is there something else I can do to install the games? What am I doing wrong? Do I really not need the pin to fix these issues?
strongbow · 46-50, M
Call him for the password....Or maybe you just want to snoop his laptop while he's out of town?
strongbow · 46-50, M
@CleverFunnyNameGoesHere He doesnt want to share his pin with you? wtf?..why is that if he has nothing to hide from you?....#red flag
@strongbow I don't know why. It's weird but it is what it is. And I'm sure he'll tell me eventually what his reasons are.
strongbow · 46-50, M
@CleverFunnyNameGoesHere lol... i seriously doubt he will... but thats your life, have fun with it

from what I can see in the discussion's Kon-boot is the recommend Solution but it's not free.

If you have the ID and password for the admin account you can install while logged into your account by using left-shift + right click on the installer file and select Run As A Different User. It will prompt you for an ID and password. Put in the ID and password for the admin account.
@SW-User unfortunately I don't have the password for the admin. My husband said I didn't need it and so I thought I was doing the install incorrectly.
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@SW-User I don't have access to the admin account at all for either my husband's laptop or his PC. But I have my own windows login. He said I don't need the admin password or pin to install things so I thought I was doing something wrong. Sounds like I'm going to have to ask him for the pin. Sigh.
Fucking hell- give me a bit to research this problem.
Just to clarify.... you are talking about the Windows PIN, correct? Or is this a work computer?
@SensitiveCha0s Oh fuck no. I had to talk my mom through removing that from her new laptop over the phone just a couple of nights ago so she could download Chrome and it was one of the most painful 4 hours of my life.
@CleverFunnyNameGoesHere thank fuck! ;)
@CleverFunnyNameGoesHere at the outset of the pandemic, I knew we had to get a new laptop for kids schooling. The one that I wanted was unavailable, and I had to settle for a Windows 10S model. I took great care to research it, and once I found out you could circumvent that, I bought it and set it up carefully.
Wipe the drive and install from scratch. Hehe.

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