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Women are worthless dung bags useful only for fucking and having sex with

Yeah stick your dick inside her and let her suck your balls
TheCat · 31-35 Best Comment
Let's see.

You have let your unsolved feelings take control for the most of your life.

As you have said that your childhood experience has made the people who you are.
The feet fetish that you have developed, led the way how you thought later in life till today.

As to how it's developed, what happened in your childhood? Why did you tell them that you liked their feet when they didn't like to talk about their feet usually?

[b]What's your childhood like? [/b]
What has had such a huge impact on your life that haven't change much since then?
What's your relationship with your parents, siblings?
Were you lonely, no siblings/friends, not counting the time you spent with adults?
Had you tried to communicate/build connection with other kids?Just the feet compliments, then it scared you off? Anyone to look up to and guild you through?
Hadn't you had other things to do than walking around bear foot near the cowshed?

[b]The schools.[/b]
You hadn't thought through the whole situation that they didn't like your compliments about their feet, plus the fact that you had no one close to talk to with this feet thing.
Later as you grew, you started to find girls attractive just like other boys, but at that time, with your unsolved problems with the feet, you noticed more about their feet to sexual, it confused you as you could also see that either males or females that had feet which attracted you. That explains the later in your life, the exploration of feet sex with your male friend(a black guy?). Then the exploration of sex with your male friend, further drew you to the way how you are. You felt embarrassed, it explains the madness of you talking about them almost everyday, which has been the purpose of trying to make yourself more accepted by people (on the internet?).

As it is called a fetish, it means you are thinking it most of the time, and you base your thinking around it. It disconnects you from other people.

[b]The porn sites you have been addicted to.[/b]
I see that most of your behavior on this site is based on what you see from the porn sites.
As fantastic as you think it is, it satisfied your years of longing for the imaginarily perfect sex.

As I have seen, that you have little experience on the internet. When you search a thing, the ads that comes up on your device is based on what you clicked on,typed.That's why you have been seeing the similar ads which is based on you type on the site everyday.

It is not hard to see that you are trapped by it, and even when it caused you physical conditions, you still couldn't get out because you haven't built up a way to protect yourself efficiently.
Then what? you started to blame women for your current situations.

Think out of the box.
Why come here post things like this after you have been to the porn sites and not as satisfied as before?
Does it even make you feel better/satisfaction?
Has it become a hobby for you?
Now we are talking about how hard it is for you to get rid of a bad hobby, just as similar as how hard it is for you to think away from the feet fetish you have.

It is easy to achieve if you really want it bad, you want black? Go to work in a black community, build connection then they will find the people you want. Want indian toes? Go to India.

I see that you still want to keep a good image for people around you in your offline life.

Aren't you just glad that you can post random sh_t and no one knows who you are?

Don't you know that they can still track where you live and know who you are?

What's the whining about? The excitement? Thrill? Sh_t? Because you are anonymous? Because you can't get satisfaction from porn sites anymore? LOL
@TheCat well that’s an answer and a half, someone with a brain and a heart
TheCat · 31-35
@SW-User[b]Everyone has a brain and a heart, and cats,dogs... do too...what I did differently is that I kinda checked the 800-ish posts in your profile before giving out the answer.[/b]

The thing is that there isn't much detailed life situation described/explained by yourself.

[b]You stated that you needed help.[/b]
I think I might need to write a book to help your situation since about 98% of your posts here are sketchy and similar. The 2% left might not even be the truth to you. You don't talk about your life, only the fetish and obsession parts with no life activities before and after(no locations, no timeline, no emotions).

[b]Review your life as I have suggested.[/b]
This is the internet, we can't help you if you even lie to yourself. People can give you a shot to calm you down in offline life, but what can we do to you here?
You can just rambling, rambling, rambling about the same thing(and we don't even know if it's a thing), then you wonder why no one is answering your posts, Why do you talk about the same F_ _ _/S_ _ _ everyday? If you don't get bored yourself, people will get bored, and you do realize that there aren't many users on this site, don't you? If the site hasn't been expanding, why expecting the people/thing you will never get on this site? Aren't you delusional?

[b]You may have to write your whole life down if you really want to get help from the people on the internet, more detailed than talking to your therapist, don't hide the feelings/emotions, reveal yourself, or stop coming on to the site, it doesn't help and can even harm you more in the long term.

Think for yourself and think like others to help yourself in this situation.
Build the life yourself. Clear your head and get your life together.

Sounds like someone got rejected too many times
@SW-User it’s a young lady well hello there
BlueVeins · 22-25
@HootyTheNightOwl You're shoveling dirt into a bottomless pit here.
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
@BlueVeins I had hoped that we may be able to get through to him that you get more honey with flowers than we do with dung... 🤷‍♀️
BlueVeins · 22-25
thats ur trashy opinion
@Dewms your wrong it’s the truth
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
Do we get any prizes for accurately guessing who ain't getting any these days???
@HootyTheNightOwl well hello sexy my penis is hungry for some lips need your toes sucked
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
@SW-User I'll pass... I prefer a real man!!!
SAE5W30 · 46-50, M
You're one of those romantic types I keep hearing about arent you?
@SAE5W30 you got that right
Danez · M
Hmmm that’s never come to my thoughts 🤔
Danez · M
@SW-User I’m sure you’d be the first one in line
@Danez after I’ve grappled a sexy bitch yes
Danez · M
@SW-User I doubt you’d find one
rottenrobi · 51-55, F
You might have a point, if you weren't so extra about it.
@rottenrobi sounds like you need some penis in your mouth to calm you down
rottenrobi · 51-55, F
You know nothing about me or my needs.
@rottenrobi I know everything your a woman so you need a penis in your mouth and in your other holes
BEENOV · 51-55, M
Now you do realize your talking about your Mother, right...
@BEENOV women are worthless scum, nothing more than something to fuck that’s why they exist
BEENOV · 51-55, M
@SW-User hey just saying man, you might start dating our types of women or go gay if in fact you aren't already
[c=#4C0073]which side of the bed do you normally wake up from 🤔[/c]
@SW-User the good side I need a clit to slide my dick into
Wordlover · F
@SW-User and a lesson in female anatomy it would appear
oh ok. I find that very useful though so not worthless
@SW-User someone who enjoys fucking and using women good
This message was deleted.
@BluntSm0ker woman are useless dungbags useful for sex and nothing else
Incel alert.
@Fairyinthemidnightmoonlight hello sexy how are you
@SW-User well hello sexy how are you doing this fine day

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