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they said half of the world population will get corona virus!

what will happen to us?! Im not afraid of my own death. what if we loose our beloved ones! 馃挃馃挃馃挃
PepsiColaP22-25, F Best Comment
It is possible it would infect many people because it is highly transferable and even in places where a full lock down has been in effect there are still new cases reported ,although significantly lower . And it is similar in the flu as it is a virus,symptoms take days to present themselves meaning people could be infectious passing it on without knowing so. It is impossible to completely eradicate it . The majority of the population will build immunity against the virus. It is not nessecarily a bad thing as long as we have a vaccine and antivirals that offer a proper defense,until then.

They will survive.馃憤馃 Only .02% of the population will die.
PepsiColaP22-25, F
@Vivaci yes I understand. It is important to be realistic however and correct about mortality rates. It is still a low rate and highly unlikely someone young and healthy would pass from the disease. Hopefully it will be controlled soon
@PepsiColaP yeah, let's stay positive bout it no matter how grim it looks.
Chevy45441-45, M
@Vivaci that鈥檚 probably about right.
The majority won't die, so have faith. Even the majority of older people or those with existing conditions won't die.
sheesh, this is why no one should EVER trust the mainstream media! Open your eyes people..stop being sheep and letting the media dictate and scare you!
@Queeen read it's all 'assumptions'...
Queeen22-25, F
@booboo of course. they predict... even in my own relatives 2 are infected by it so what If the prediction is right?!馃槥
@Queeen and what if it's wrong, and you used all that worry energy and got ulcers for nothing? 馃
Scare tactics.
strongbow46-50, M
Relax, Only the elderly with pre-existing conditions are usually the ones that die
Johnblackthorn56-60, M
@Platinum it's easy to forget that the site is global, it is one of the attractions.
I do say things thinking people know I'm English @Johnblackthorn
Johnblackthorn56-60, M
@Platinum funnily enough I have.
Not sure where you get your news from
Queeen22-25, F
@Queeen not sure how this Economist Intelligence Unit聽group is coming up with the numbers.
The last thing anyone needs is this alarmist crap! Why are you posting this? It's outdated anyway. We have enough to stress over right now
Queeen22-25, F
@Fernie youre right. but its just an article not pics of dead people.
juiceyangel33331-35, F
Here we go again...
helenS36-40, F
If they get corona within the next 25 years we will be able to manage that. Things are becoming disastrous if too many people get it in a very short time period.
I haven't heard that said anywhere
Queeen22-25, F
@ExperienceDLT youre right. but I feel afraid
@Queeen it's ok to be afraid but you can't stop living what is go iij ng to be will be just live your life as normally as you can
Johnblackthorn56-60, M
@ExperienceDLT don't worry its a lie anyway within a few days of half the world getting it, everyone else will get it too.
kamikaze289131-35, M
we are all going to die sooner or later so do not worry it is not a big deal
Who said that??

Thank you Queeen

The date on that article is March 18, which means 2 weeks ago.... we already have more accurate information on that ...

The article says :

[quote]We assume that the virus will infect around 50% of the world population; 20% of the cases will be severe, and 1-3% will result in deaths,鈥 analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said in a note.[/quote]

They are assuming 50% will be infected which means 4 billion people, 20% of which will be severe, it means 800 million, (maximum) 3% of which will result to death... that means 24 million people will die..

Iran has 1% of the population of the world and that could mean 240k will die in Iran ..

That is only if no tratment is found, which we already know many labs are working on it and some patients are treated successfully by some medicines.....

So, please stop worrying and ask everyone to stay at home ... trust that all will be fine
Queeen22-25, F
@Soossie I hope their prediction is wrong. 2 of my relatives are infected so far. my fear is because I know the system in Iran and I dont trust they can handle this. only thing we can do is staying at home and wait.

I understand darling... yes... I agree, I cant trust the Ministry of Health and their system... but I trust everyone who is working day and night to save the patients... Doctors,nursez, and everyone providing services in hospitals...

Please dont worry... you know we have some of the best doctors here...
I don't believe it will be any way as bad as that....
I don't think it'll be that much
Coolkid7726-30, M
Yeah I doubt that.
I'll quote things that YOU wrote here in SW:
"during history lots of people died because of different diseases... life has never been fair"
Chevy45441-45, M
Joeyyy26-30, M
Who is they?. Most will survive I'm sure and if we die then we die.
Queeen22-25, F
Chevy45441-45, M
Half??? Hahaha!!!!
Chevy45441-45, M
@Queeen Because that鈥檚 ridiculous.
Queeen22-25, F
Queeen22-25, F
@Chevy454 its just an article. and it might be wrong.
but no one can really predict what is going to happen.

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