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Have you imagined (for fun) what will happen to your consciousness after you cease to exist in this body?

If yes how have you imagined it?
I imagine it dissolves, or decomposes like other organic matter?
d0vev · M
@elafina like everything will just end for you? And you’d be unknown to anything and everything will be unknown to you
d0vev · M
@elafina disappearance not requiring appearance somewhere else?
elafina · 36-40, F
@d0vev no, it'll be just a puff
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Have you ever fainted? That's exactly how I imagine that. There's nothing. The existence is gone.
d0vev · M
Be fainted for eternity?@CrazyMusicLover
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
@d0vev Well, the consciousness disappears for eternity. It does for a while when you faint and the time goes on without it. You regain it but you realize it didn't exist for that particular moment. So equally it won't exist for eternity when you die.
ActuallySatan · 31-35
Of course. I sometimes imagine that if my consciousness exist now by design, surely it will continue after my body death. If my consciousness exist by chance, surely that chance can and will eventually occur again, assuming time and space are infinite.
d0vev · M
@ActuallySatan so what will happen to it? How will it continue? Will it experience the same thing that you have experienced till now in this body by taking another form or will it experience something entirely different?
ActuallySatan · 31-35
Well, eventually both. @d0vev
Mark Twain answers that question for me:

[image deleted]
I was thinking when my lifespark leaves me it'll be a chemical process of some sort
on an ionic level
d0vev · M
@butterflymind1 leave you and go where?
@d0vev atoms
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d0vev · M
@MushroomFaerie will the floating stop?
@d0vev yes and no, the fundamental laws of physics will no longer apply lol

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