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Global warming

We talk about rise on global temperature but what exactly is global temperature? It's the average temperature of the whole earth.

I want to explain how temperatures work. Let's say that this year you 'experience' a cooler climate with an average temperature lower by 5 degrees than it normally is.

This brings us to a question . 5 degrees doesn't feel much of a difference to me since I experienced it so why global average temperature rise of 2 degrees is a huge deal and potentially destroy the earth?

Think about why the temperature is cooler in your city or state. It's generally because it snowed/rained a lot or the overall cool breeze, right? Where did those come from? Clouds and moisture in the air, right? Where did the clouds come from? Another place, right?

What I am trying to say is that temperatures can change wildly but overall global temperature when you average them is pretty constant. Evaporation/condensation cycle on an earthly level is super constant.

By raising it by 2 degrees, you add some 10 ^24 Kilo Joules of heat per day from sun+earth's core in the earth's atmosphere (from some half ass attempt I made at calculations). We think of nuclear missiles as a huge deal but they release a meagre 10^5 amount of energy and only 15% of it is converted to heat. If you don't wanna get technical, then I can roughly say that 2 degree rise in global temperature will create extra energy of some 10^15 nuclear bombs detonated per day (1,000,000,000,000,000 bombs per day). All of this is rough calculation from back of my mind just to prove a point on why the global temperature matters.

So where does this heat go? It goes directly into our clouds, oceans, fresh water. This heat is why droughts will become prolonged because crop cultivation gets harder ( plants need right temperature and season to grow, lol) and turn most equatorial regions into a desert eventually. Second problem is melting polar caps will rise sea levels and cause flash floods. Basically it becomes extreme on both ways.
It's about the's always the sun, nothing else
midnightsun · 22-25, M
[@1024993,WalkingOnTheMilkyWay] What?

A solar cycle lasts only 11 years.
[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield] Sorry...but you don't know nothing about the sun
midnightsun · 22-25, M
[@1024993,WalkingOnTheMilkyWay] do a google search old man

Stop wasting my time like this. I already provided an answer and you keep denying it. Why don't you verify the facts and show me proof that you're right?

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