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Women really DO love a bad boy ? Your opinion ?

[quote]Women find men with psychopathic traits more attractive, a study found
Psychopathic traits may have developed because they're beneficial for mating
Past research found psycho prisoners were better at seducing their guards.

Women are attracted to psychopathic men because of their confident and smooth-talking ways, according to scientists.

When women were told to rate men on short videos they made, researchers found the best-ranked men were also those who scored highest on psychopath tests.

The disturbing tendencies made men more likely to be confident, to be at ease with themselves, or to 'know the right things to say,' the scientists said.

Psychopathic men were found to be charming – or at least capable of pretending to be – so they could get what they wanted, which made them attractive.[/quote]

There are a lot of stupid dumb arsed bitches out there who think bad boys are fun
I don't feel sorry for any of them when they get hurt
Nimbus · M
[@412438,ExtremeNext] It does seem kinda strange.
EugenieLaBorgia · 31-35, F
[@412438,ExtremeNext] What Nimbus didn't tell us is that all the women were from trailer-parks... and what do we find at trailer-parks? Trailer-trash!!
EugenieLaBorgia · 31-35, F
All those women who were interviewed had been drinking rocket fuel!
Nimbus · M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] Absinthe is much better.
EugenieLaBorgia · 31-35, F
[@1313,Nimbus] Absinthe matheks the heart gro thonder!
The ultimate manipulators and seducers. I'm not sure if women are attracted or manipulated to be near these people. Once you're in they keep you there by their manipulation and antisocial ways.
Nimbus · M
[@868864,HannahSky] 👍️
They're fun in movies. Real life they're not worth the trouble.
Nimbus · M
[@485179,jadedsunshine] THat's what I would have thought.
SW User
I've never met men like that in my life.
SW User
[@1313,Nimbus] Except this one: [@467787,DonaldTrumpet] This one is much much more horrible.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M

I’m DrainInGz The swamPz HunneyZ
Nimbus · M
[@700444,Anna111] 😁
Fernie · F
It would be SO good is the word "some" came before the word "women"...WE ARE NOT FEKKING CLONES!
Nimbus · M
[@331316,Fernie] 👍️
Peppa · 26-30, F
Nothing new, thats 97.99% of men. Hard to avoid
Nimbus · M
[@305137,Peppa] lol,
DDonde · 31-35, M
[@305137,Peppa] It's not
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@373024,DDonde] I seem to keep meeting them. Although now I'm too old and washed up to find anyone good or bad
JupiterDreams · 26-30
Some do. Some don't.
I, for one, am not attracted to bad boys.
[@381079,JupiterDreams] That's because you're smart.
Nimbus · M
[@381079,JupiterDreams] Good to hear 👍️
SW User
Not this woman. 🤷‍♀️
Nimbus · M
[@574445,Lilymoon] Good to hear!
SW User
Need to stop looking for Mr. Charming and concentrait on Mr. Dependable.
If he charms one chances are he's charming all the ladies.
Nimbus · M
[@2144,Justmerae] Awwww, very good! :)
MrMonnyPenny · 22-25, M
Is it the case that when asked women say no, but really it’s true.
Nimbus · M
[@870985,MrMonnyPenny] Interesting.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
[@870985,MrMonnyPenny] WimENZ are BorNz LiArZ
AbbeyRhode · F
Sounds like my ex.
Nimbus · M
[@27778,AbbeyRhode] Oh my! :(

Long in the past, forget him.
AbbeyRhode · F
[@1313,Nimbus] Forgotten. I'm very happy with my current bad boy. 😉
Nimbus · M
[@27778,AbbeyRhode] Awwwwww :) 💗
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
WiemNz wants MuneYZ
YoungPoet345 · 22-25, F
Yikes. I say no.
Nimbus · M
[@6861,YoungPoet345] OK
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Someone who is reserved will look for someone is more charming...they can’t see through that charm for what it is, manipulation.

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