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Skeptics, If someone said they lived in a haunted house, what would you say?

Would you say they were crazy? attention seeking? lying? or all in the mind ? Can you be absolutely sure and certain it's not real without a thorough investigation ?
Shapeshifter · 31-35, M
The haunted house is their mind and they should stop watching Stephen King movies and seek professional help
Paliglass · 41-45, F
[@1015674,Shapeshifter] I moved. No ghost. The ghost would be seen at the end of the garden, by visitors also, a dark shadow. It would tap stuff and my son said it tidied up his toys, I think he didn't want to admit he tidied them but he swears it did.

Not had that in the house before that (dark shadow and tapping that would stop if you shouted "shut up") or in the house I moved to.

So that's why I have zero skepticism left about ghosts. But I also know if you shout shut up or go away etc they do so not really very scary. Sort of irritating but not scary.

Also every morning the door would be swinging wide open even though I'd check the locks before bed. Could be I sleep walked but again it didn't happen where I lived previously or in the house I moved to.

To me it's a blah kind of thing - there's ghosts, so what. They get dramatised but what doesn't.
Paliglass · 41-45, F
I lived in a haunted house. It wasn't that fantastical. It was mildly irritating.
xixgun · M
I wouldn't say anything. I'm one of those rare people that believes, just because I haven't seen it or experienced it, doesn't mean it isn't true.
ScarletMoonEmpire · 36-40, F
[c=#359E00]skeptics will always be skeptics[/c] 🤷‍♀️
Andy69 · 51-55, M
[@659125,Kiriko] Until it happens to them.
ScarletMoonEmpire · 36-40, F
[@1003495,Andy69] [c=#359E00]they will lie[/c]
Nanori · 26-30, F
no i wont think they're crazy, i've had personal experience with that, but I wouldn;t just believe it since most of the time it's just illusions and nightmares
Ian123 · 61-69, M
I think you would know if it were really haunted without an investigation
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Success · 22-25, F
[@854658,Asificair] Correct. They had previously chosen to entertain magical explanations, and thenceforth interpret their experiences without due regard for reason.

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