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paddling adult

Don't you think it's ironic that that you can paddle a school age child to bruises but can't do the same to an inmate in prison?
Nitedoc · 36-40, M
I'm not talking about beating someone in that manner. But I do think they should be paddled,strapped,ect...on their butts,thighs intensely for causing trouble.
Fgtyjhbndfdrgt · 41-45, F
[@972458,Nitedoc] there used to a sentense of birching in the UK instead of prison.. which was a good idea
Backtoscratch · 31-35, F
We can't paddle a school age child to bruises in my country.
Backtoscratch · 31-35, F
[@972458,Nitedoc] What are you talking about?
Nitedoc · 36-40, M
[@999755,Backtoscratch] Do a little research on old school beating of prisoners,orphans-many living in Catholic schools,reform schools,ect...
Omdt102 · M
[@999755,Backtoscratch] [@999755,Backtoscratch] no one said anything about bruises dude. It's funny you you want to tell everyone how to discipline their child but I guarantee you that you think it's okay for an unborn baby to be ripped out of her mother' womb with parsecs Or maybe it is that you're sick liberal Morales but prefers that the baby be disintegrated in Saline Solution that's the number one accomplishment of you lefties is baby killing to say a whole lot about your entire platform
Omdt102 · M
The reason being is if prison won't or jail won't work on these people a paddling's certainly won't. Jail is basically a spanking for adults.. a true punishment that changes people is always something that you will hate and that won't have anything to do with and that is exactly what all us Banko's are looking for that feeling when we were children that we can't get any more. That feeling that we hated LOL the damn irony of our situation is just too much
Bobby1123422 · 41-45, M
[@1097432,Deeds778] I think paddling would be more effective if it was a step before jail. Like first offence is community service OR a public paddling. Second offences are community service AND a paddling. But it would only be for f5 m1 and m2 and maybe some m3. Anything worse than f5 is prison so a paddling wouldn't be a deterrent.
Bobby1123422 · 41-45, M
I agree. I made a poll to see what people thought about starting paddling them before they get to prison.
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
WimENZ canZ kicKz the ShiTz outamenz anZ no OneZ CarEz

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