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How does this even work out?

Person smuggles cocaine - lengthy prison sentence

Person looks at images of children - nothing much happens

What gives?
When a dog attacks a child and scars it for life, the dog is put to sleep. We should be doing the same thing to pedophiles.
english · 51-55, M
[@1005333,SexualHarassmentPanda] I like it man cheers 🍻
english · 51-55, M
the courts have always been lenient to sex offenders pedos ,mostly because its crime of the rich and elite. In the uk we had lords ,ministers and even a prime minister,A guy who was second in command of mi5 now 6, all busted for running a pedo ring not one served any time . its sickening .the same group were trying lower sexual age of content to 4 years old true story i watched it this morning .😕 it really is fucked up world , scuse my french
Paliglass · 41-45, F
[@644861,english] I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Keeping or trying to access child pornography is a crime. I think in every civilised country it's dealt with long imprisonment. Never heard of any cases where this gets dealt with easy hands.

Smuggling cocaine/brown sugar or other stuffs is a serious offense. Pretty much entire cociane business is related to slavery, forced prostitution, child prostitution, murders, economic frauds etc.

For possessing a little cociane one doesn't get lengthy imprisonment. There are other things associated with that which increase the time
Someone had 2000 images and got a 21 month suspended sentence. I think it’s the UK laws that are relaxed. [@806229,Thecarpenter]
[@411057,PaleandPolluted] that happened more than two years ago. You don't have the entire details of cases but judging based on a news article. there were some loopholes which his lawyer exploited. And it's a rare ruling. Not sure among thousands of cases why you point out just one case.

My answer still remains same. Pedophile cases are dealt strongly.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
I thought it was illegal to have sexual photos of children?
Yes but they have something like a suspended sentence or have to sign the sex offenders register. [@1014522,fairefoutre]
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
[@411057,PaleandPolluted] The sentencing depends on the level of depravity, his is something the judge is employed to assess, you and I are not and have no idea of the full facts of an particularl case.
Rickg · 26-30, M
Innocent coke needs to be protected!

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