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Awww now she blocked me

MadameX doesn't like being told there's 2 sides to every story and no one side is absolutely right all the time. Goodbye little one, it's time to grow up.
You may want to remove the person's name due to TOS. It's okay to share but don't call out specific people.
KittenfromHell · 61-69, F
@Pinkstarburst Is TOS even a thing of SW?
Lilnonames · F
@KittenfromHell yes it is
@KittenfromHell Yes. It is. I would be happy to share a link with you so you may read it.
NenaRussa · 22-25, F
Making posts calling people out for blocking you? Who is the one that needs to grow up?
KittenfromHell · 61-69, F
@NenaRussa Good for you. Not surprised you where blocked. At all.
NenaRussa · 22-25, F
Nor me for you. I don’t know why I had tagged someone. Maybe I accidentally clicked reply somewhere? @KittenfromHell
Secret6620 · F
@NenaRussa Good point it seems very juvenile 😱
Secret6620 · F
Yeah I think most people appreciate people who mind their business and keep personal unsolicited opinions to themselves. But blocking works too LMAO 😂🤣
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KittenfromHell · 61-69, F
@HeilHitler All I did was point out both side, (left and right) have people who go off on tirades when someone doesn't agree with them. And from that she gathered I was "ganging up" on her.
Miram · 31-35, F
@HeilHitler what's her other profile? I can't figure out why that thing blocked me 🤔
Dang, I hope this comment doesn't get me blocked :)
KittenfromHell · 61-69, F
@SW-User Depends on which side you're on. ;)
antonioio · 70-79, M
That's the truest thing you ever said
Peaches · F
Were you ever on "RelateToThat?"🤔
Justenjoyit · 56-60, M
I will have to speak to Madamex to get the otherside of the stoy on this one 😂
KittenfromHell · 61-69, F
@Justenjoyit Just look for her post. Altho Im not sure if my posts show up now that she's blocked me.
Justenjoyit · 56-60, M
@KittenfromHell I am just joking 🙂
Secret6620 · F
@Justenjoyit ahahahaha 😆

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