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I appreciate the gesture... :)

Someone told me, "I want to encourage you. Please make time for it. You won't regret it. Remember when you have no other way, you can always make a quick buck."

We were talking about learning the guitar. I was talking about what I could have done with it by now if I knew how to play it really well.

I've had two electric guitars, one bass, a harmonica, a recorder, and a pair of drum sticks over the course of my entire life. I had no idea what to do with the drum sticks of my dad's that he gave me when I was a kid but, it felt like some proud moment of his... along with him giving me a harmonica.
I suppose he didn't teach me how to play "drums" with the drum sticks because he was half-blind at that time. I don't know. Maybe he thought I would just figure it out on my own by banging the sticks on whatever in and out of our home.

I begged my dad and step-mom for a guitar starting at age 15 but they didn't want to do that for whatever reasons. Probably because I wasn't doing well in school. I wasn't doing well in school at that time because of certain bullshit that they were somewhat aware and Not aware of. They put me in another school. It lasted about 6 months because of more bullshit. They put me back into the other school. The bullshit continued. I dropped out at age 16 - at the beginning of the 9th grade.

At age 20, they bought me a guitar for my birthday. I tend to think that had something to do with the neighbors' son that THEY liked, but I didn't. By this time, I had a child. My child slapped his hands on the strings when I tried to play, he didn't understand it. I gave so much attention to my child that I didn't care about anything else I wanted to do other than obtain and maintain jobs to take care of him. It's too late now to learn how to play the guitar. I also wanted time with my friends that still remained. I later sold that guitar to help pay my electric bill.

At about age 34-37, I had a decent paying job, etc. I bought another guitar. My second son was about 10 when his dad and I chipped in together to get him his first acoustic guitar. He took private lessons for a while. He learned a lot more than I did. It was fun learning the guitar with my son as I was also taking private lessons at the time. But, I'm 34-37 years old now, with two kids, my blind dad, an asshole ex, etc. I have to help my family instead. My job laid everyone off with no return. My dad died. And I'm still trying to learn the guitar with an instructor who didn't really care as he wanted to 'show up' Ronnie from Kix in the next practicing room at the music place. This guitar instructor made certain comments to me such as, “How about we do this on the piano…” as I say, “No, let’s stick to the guitar, “ then he glares up to the ceiling while thinking, and gets back to playing the instrument he should have had his mind on the whole time. Maybe he had no hope for me. Maybe he was thinking about something else.
I had to sell that guitar to help pay for bills after I lost my job. I sold the bass, too. I somehow still managed to be able to maintain my son’s first guitar. His dad… did I don’t know what with the second really nice acoustic guitar that, only I, bought my son. But I still have his first one. Though my becoming briefly homeless, I still have my son’s first acoustic guitar. I made sure of it. It may not mean much to my son, it might in time.
Someone told me, "I want to encourage you. Please make time for it. You won't regret it. Remember when you have no other way, you can always make a quick buck." The thing is, I sold my guitars for a quick buck without realizing just how many bucks I could have made, and for others, and for years. I had to at the time. But NOT my son’s guitar.

Now I'm 45

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