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Absolutely amazing

I am sitting up stairs looking out my bedroom window watching a huge digger machine. Instead of having a bucket on the end of its long arm, it has a giant claw. I watched it completely destroy and load into some waited trucks a wooden home in less than 20 minutes, trees and everything. An old lady lived there but died recently. I felt sad to see all those memories get destroyed and taken away like that 馃槦
[i]I have used that kind of machine[/i]
and had the same thoughts about old houses,
[center][center]Who lived here?
were they happy?
is the past really gone?
whose crying did these walls Hear?
what laughter, this kitchen floor..[/center][/center]
ChloeYoung18-21, F
@SatyrService Exactly, apparently it was the original farmhouse in the area before it go built up, it鈥檚 supposed to be over a 100 years old
I think it's not good to feel attached to things of a dead person. They should be kept precious in memory, not material.
ChloeYoung18-21, F
@SW-User if that鈥檚 your opinion then fair enough
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
It's kind of dumb to destroy old houses like that, they should instead renovate it.
rosedragonslayer18-21, F
that is so dumb, destroying history like that for no good reason
ChloeYoung18-21, F
@rosedragonslayer It鈥檚 called progress 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
rosedragonslayer18-21, F
@ChloeYoung that is not progress
ChloeYoung18-21, F
@rosedragonslayer I agree but that鈥檚 what they call it, I think it鈥檚 sad

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