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has anybody else ever noticed waleskinder hearts every single one of his own posts because nobody else ever does?

he just blocked me because he got butt hurt because i pointed it out ): im so sorry 馃槀 ANYWAY-
JarJarBoom41-45, F
I couldn't take it anymore, I had to block him
Pineapple90-99, F
[@21000,JarJarBoom] i鈥檓 glad he blocked me first, i take it as a victory 馃槀 he鈥檚 a self loving little cock hole
JarJarBoom41-45, F
[@478480,Pineapple] I find myself being more critical of users on here....are you just going to be an ass and post the same stupid pictures on my posts again and again and say nothing? ...I really feel its bringing no value to the conversation.
SW User
A couple people do it :) I laugh.
Pineapple90-99, F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] i鈥檓 glad they don鈥檛
If they did you would see an increase in the liking abuse.
Pineapple90-99, F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] oh for sure. but walesk was by far the worst offender i鈥檝e seen 馃槵
He always seemed like a nice man to me.
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
[@478480,Pineapple] Wow! I've never seen that side of him. That's an eye operner.
Pineapple90-99, F
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] yeah like i said, he鈥檚 a cunt
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
[@478480,Pineapple] Well I will remember that. Thanks for the heads up
I sometimes do that by accident, like when I'm going back and hearting a bunch of other's responses. I suspect he's not the only one.
mixtape22-25, F
I heart my own posts bc I like what I have to say 馃槀 not because no one else does hahaha
mixtape22-25, F
[@562429,badbaby] I totally agree with you 馃槀 what's so wrong about liking yourself?
english56-60, M
you cant make this stuff up , its priceless you put a couple of cams up we got ourselves a show .馃ぃ
SW User
That sounds like sorry not sorry to me 馃槀馃槀
Pineapple90-99, F
[@486117,W4nderer] you got it 馃憣馃徏
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Go easy on him. He just had a bad breakup
If peeps want to heart their own posts, so what?
I鈥檝e noticed that too
That is a good point.
He is likable to few and a troll to many.
Is it healthy to like yourself in that way?
Pineapple90-99, F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] it鈥檚 pretty pathetic and i stayed quiet about it for a long time. but today he was needlessly a cunt for the last time
I am in total agreement.
If it is your own Post, it looks very inept.
Daisy5051-55, F
I don't know how you would notice that.
What is the term then?
Those that pay here can meddle in a lot of stuff and do 馃槈鉁岋笍锔
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
[@478480,Pineapple] Super User is an IT term we use for people with privileges that normal users don't have. For instance, the system administrator can change the configuration of a server while a user cannot.
You caught me.
VIP is the term I was looking for.
RainbowSprinkles22-25, F
Maybe he thinks he will get a prize.
Pineapple90-99, F
[@473356,RainbowSprinkles] a few more IQ points wouldn鈥檛 go amiss
Scubaguy02741-45, M
That's fricking awesome
Pineapple90-99, F
[@353941,Meowsolini] yeah he鈥檚 pretty irrelevant, i鈥檓 over it now 馃馃徏

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