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Chriswhyte is a fake

Please take note that this person is a fake. Poses as an American soldier, but doesn’t talk American.

Beware of any message from him.
sadly there seems be a bit of fakes on the site.. ep had the same problem.
@MissMollyCharlotte0702 yeah the one that always talks about japanese culture
Oh. I like him. @SW-User
@MissMollyCharlotte0702 he apparently blocked a lot of people. but not sure why you have to be someone else.
That's weird. I got a similar message from a woman "soldier" that was clearly fake. Annheister. I don't understand the motivation. I am over the internet. Nobody is real.
I’m real. Not everyone is fake. They are Military Scammers and try to develop a relationship with you and eventually they ask for money. Many people will do it because they believe their love is real and then they find out it’s some joker in Nigeria.@PhaedraIsMyName
@MissMollyCharlotte0702 I hear that. I am a real person too but I don't trust anyone I can't sit across a table and talk to in person. I guess I just miss life before the internet.
rickfreeman15 · 22-25, M
As a Nigerian, I won't take offense to your stereotype because there are scammers here (just like everywhere in the world). But I hope you do know that non US citizens can serve in the US army, right?
Sorry if you believe I’m stereotyping but there is a real problem with military’ scammers and many of the scammers are coming from Nigeria.
This is the 3rd one that has approached me...2 from EP and a fake is a fake regardless of who he is or where he is from.i will call them out. I know how an American talks and uses his or her words.These scammers use different wording.@rickfreeman15
rickfreeman15 · 22-25, M
@MissMollyCharlotte0702 did you read the part where I said foreigners can serve in the US army? Or as an American, you didn't know that? I'm not defending whoever you're talking to, but your reason for this accusation isn't really solid.

Also, while I admit there are scammers from my country, people (like you) are quick to label every single fraudster as a Nigerian. (A country of 200 million people). You're no different from any other person that makes assumptions about a group of people based on a few of them.
SimplyMe95 · 26-30, F
that sounds so dumb 😂
thanks for the warning 🙂
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
*messages him*
Who you? Or me?

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