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As much as death is painful

Other than old age and extremely painful terminal diseases, do you think death is necessary?
kayoshin · 36-40, M
Well the mind does seem to decay with age and the ability to learn new things is diminished so it would seem you would hit some stage where you either become a baby in an old body but without the ability to learn because of degenerative brain diseases or you would be yourself but stuck at a level of brain "saturation" where all the possible neural connections would be made and that's it nothing new would ever happen again so that would be kind of hellish wouldn't it? Death comes to spare us of that i think. Pretty necessary.
LyricalOne · F
Not like there’s a whole lot of choice in the matter.
@LyricalOne What if there was a choice?
LyricalOne · F
If there was no old age nor painful terminal disease, that might be nice though the planet would get very crowded and we’d run out of natural resources.
plungesponge · 41-45, M
Yes. I know some people who definitely need to die.
@plungesponge Do not kill😂
Yes. Our bodies are organic; the parts eventually wear out, no matter how much care we take. It’s inevitable.
@bijouxbroussard If you could reverse that, would you love living for an eternity?
@Randomperson Not really. I wouldn’t relish seeing all of my loved ones pass away. At some point it’s time to go.

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