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Amazon gift card?

Is there a cache? Do you have to pay the money back from your bank account to Amazon, even if you purchase items using a gift card? Or, does it work the same as it would in a store?

Sorry, this may sound like a dumb question 馃檮
No. It's the same as a physical gift card.
Pherick41-45, M
The gift card has a set amount, its already been purchased and paid for.
every penny you spend on a gift card will be traced and charged to your bank account. if you don't have enough they will find you and break your fingers
@SW-User Really. i came home to my dead dog lying on my welcome mat- with a note shoved in it's gullet. Guess I am the lucky new then as I like my fingers.
@Elandra77 you probably didnt owe a lot. otherwise they wouldve beat your neighbors to death too
Mikemcneil61-69, M
Exactly the same as it would in a store
No,the card itself is a prepaid credit card

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