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The Hague seems like a joke

Criminal courts against war but the Dutch shelling and cutting entitlements alongside NATO.
Always tons of killing for the right and lip service for the left.
ffony · M
The international criminal court is - wait for it - international ! It meets in The Hague, which is also the capital city of the Netherlands.

As in most countries, the majority of Dutch citizenry has little or no control over their government, its military programs & exploits.
@ffony but the Dutch named it the International City of Peace and Justice.
Good thing you didn't care. Good thing it really never needs comments. No international city of peace and justice ever existed. All better!
ffony · M
@Roundandroundwego Can you recall which of 'The Dutch' proposed naming it that way - or do you think somehow it was all of them, and then they ran out to man the artillery?
@ffony koffe anan, the former head of the UN was from the Hague, I've seen him riding on his bike there. He called the Hague an international city. He was big on that. But if you don't want, you know nobody who thinks that. I guess I'm the "only" one ever who remembers, so it never!
As my siblings always claimed - " That NEVER happened ". Not just I don't remember - but a total erasure of anything I might claim ever.
Really, most people want Holland to be a fascist and nationalist closed community at war against Russia, so justice and peaceful and whatever never ever ever existed. My confusion made a lie. NATO and Holland both might kill us all and are truly one.

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